Free Speech Letters 6/21/11

Still no accountability
Ms. Wroten, thank you for writing about this important issue. The only thing I could think to add is that the Corps still is not being held accountable. That is because there has been no federally mandated independent investigation of the flooding disaster on August 29, 2005. Immediately after the terrorist attack on American soil, masterminded by Osama Bin Laden, the White House ordered a bipartisan national commission to investigate the disaster to make certain it never happens again. A similar thing happened after the BP oil spill and the Challenger explosion. But after almost six years, there is still no comparable investigation, ordered by Congress or the White House, of the levee protection failures that drowned metro New Orleans and killed over 1,500 people.
– Sandy Rosenthal, Founder,
New Orleans, LA
[RE: Commentary Forum, “Come hell or high water, hold the Corps accountable” by Nicole Wroten, 5/24/11]

62-Foot Statue of Jesus Struck Down By God
The 62-foot statue of Jesus (nicknamed Touchdown Jesus) was struck by lightning and burned to a crisp. It was located on the Solid Rock Church property next to U.S. Interstate 75 South in Monroe, Ohio. This idolatry circus image of Jesus looks like hell, or like it had been through hell. This was God’s retributive justice for the Solid Rock Church’s violation of God’s second statute or commandment: “Thou shall not create an image of God to bow down to and worship.” (Exodus 20:2–17 and Deuteronomy 5:6–21) This is called idolatry, and is a sinful circus freak show.
This strange and commercial marketing likeness of Jesus Christ was built and billed on a biblical scale. Standing six stories tall and costing $250,000 to construct. Plans are currently underway to reconstruct this monstrosity and mockery of the Bible and Christianity. Solid Rock, like many other churches, is concerned with the business and commercial merchandizing of Christianity, the Bible, the Word of God and religious artifacts. They are more concerned with swelling their personal financial coffers, estates and empires than with anything else. The Bible and Christianity are strong religious brands that are being exploited for filthy lucre.
Many churches in America are business institutions and entities, and should be taxed on their properties and many commercial activities. Most of their leaders are hypocrites and have conflicts of interests as they mislead their congregations. They are bilkers and moneygrubbers who live in million dollar luxurious homes — while some congregants are near homeless. This cupidity is particularly true of mega churches.
Besides selling the word and other religious artifacts, they are also in the business of selling extensive sensual entertainments. Contemporary Christian music is so commercial that it cannot be easily distinguished from hip-hop, rap, rock ‘n’ roll and jazz. Some of this music sounds like these counterfeit Christians are having an inappropriate sexual relationship with God or Jesus. The saddest thing of all is that young people today grew up on this music, and don’t really know any better standard of Christian music.
They are now calling this prosperity gospel, but most of the prosperity accrues to the self-titled clergymen, bishops, reverends, pastors and priests. These religious career titles are nowhere in the Bible, and their conflicts of interests and money-grubbing avarice is not a reflection of God or Jesus Christ. They are not about piety, greed, or fraud. God and Jesus stand for love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, goodness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). Jesus did not have a palace home or church; he did not have a herd of stallion horses for transportation (he rode a donkey); and he was not concerned with riches, wealth, or jewelry. He was humble pure truth, and was not concerned with getting paid for his ministries. Jesus was ardently dedicated to his covenant with God, self-sacrifice, generosity, healing, and saving souls.
The money that churches today are putting into charlatan leaders, extravagant church buildings, and idolatry images — is grossly depriving the needy. Some of these needy people are in their congregations.  Putting $250,000 into a freak carnival statue is more of a commercial investment to bring in future church business (in terms of headcount and revenue streams). The sad reality is — saving souls and making the world a better place falls by the wayside. This world does not need anymore of Satan’s businesses of sinful trickery, wickedness, vileness, or shyster-led churches.
Those church leaders out there who are Christ-like, you have my full-heart apology. The false prophets and evildoers out there know who they are, and need to repent and change their wicked ways. Some of them are even child-molesters, womanizers, drug users and dealers, and engage in religious emotional orgies and intellectual hypnoses. These evildoers need to stop misleading and abusing the needy public for profits and egomania.  This places them below bankers who we expect to be heartless people who would put their own grandmothers or children into foreclosure if they missed a mortgage payment.
The American public needs to quit playing the fools and sinners by committing idolatry—by worshiping pimp church leaders. Worshipping church buildings, religious images, and intense religious entertainments are cardinal sins too. The Devil is alive and well in America, and is doing some of his best work in church pulpits on Sundays and Sabbaths. If you ever wanted to know what the faces of the Devil look like — take a close look at your clergymen, bishops, reverends, pastors or priests.
– Joshua Foxx
Jacksonville, Florida
PETA gone wild
PETA went WAAAY over the top this time. They ARE a bunch of radicals and need to STFU about their silly cause. I’m an animal lover, believe me. I LOVE all creatures, great and small. I just love eating some of them BETTER! I believe the Good Lord put all little creatures here for us to enjoy. For supper. I don’t care who you think you are or what you THINK you know, but man (and woman) requires protein in the form of MEAT. Period. Sheesh!
– Mike Trower
Dayton, Ohio
[RE: “Debate Forum Topic: Outdoor media: Cowardly? Or, socially responsible?” 6/7/11]

Two points on PETA
1. Freedom of speech. PETA is over the top, but have the right to request and pay for a billboard. 2. Freedom of speech: The billboard company has the right to decide what they will advertise. It is a free country, thank God! Capitalism works based on supply and demand. Perhaps PETA needs to rethink how they tell their story.
– Melanie Knauff Scheerschmidt
Cedarville, Ohio
[RE: “Debate Forum Topic: Outdoor media: Cowardly? Or, socially responsible?” 6/7/11]

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