Free Speech Letters, 7/26/11

Pit Bulls not bad dogs
I know a lot of people who own these wonderful dogs and it’s about time they put an end to state-sanctioned discrimination. People should all be looked at as individuals and judged by their deeds and not their race. The same goes for dogs. As the rallying cry of the pro Pit Bull community goes, “Judge the deed not the breed.” Amen.
Eric Specht
[RE: Debate Forum Topic, 7/12/11]

Previous law was right on, saved lives
Dogs are not humans, therefore do not require the same “fairness” in governance. Pit Bulls are statistically vicious, commonly bred for their aggressiveness and while legally declaring them as such may come at the cost of a few of the calmer ones, it saves the lives of human adults and children. We have common sense and should use it to protect ourselves from attacks by the unpredictable Pit Bull breed. Breed identification is quite necessary to protect citizens. How are we to distinguish, then, the nice Pit Bull from the mean? Give them yellow collars? Brand their flanks? Wait to see if they kill someone?
[RE: Debate Forum Topic, 7/12/11]

Dealing with debt ceilings
and feelings
You have been working hard to support your family (including kids, kin and friends) and pay off their credit cards. You have lost your good job with the benefits; but still have your overpriced house and spouse, with a couple of cars and kids, maybe just like your parents did. Now, no matter how much you pout or shout, your parents can no longer afford to help you out. Yes, maybe you toiled and all were inadvertently spoiled, while being or trying to be nice, despite or regardless of price. You all have had a lot of fun, but now have to quit buying guns, and taking vacations and sending donations to foreign nations. You cannot take care of anybody or everybody else, unless you can at least take care of yourself; and, by the way, you can no longer afford to allow guests and visitors to stay.
Now, while dealing with their hurt, if not fond, familial feelings, you want to take their credit cards, cut their expenses, and lower their debt ceilings. They cry and whine, blame, berate and denigrate, pouting, saying and shouting that this is hate; if you do not accommodate and cooperate, and fairly share to show that you really care. Boohoo, the bad news cannot really be true, and there must surely be something easier or something else that you can do. If you were smarter and worked a lot harder, they could and would certainly and surely keep using their credit cards. And, to keep from hurting their feeellliiinnngggsss, you could even increase their budgets and debt ceilings; thereby taking care of their ever-increasing never-decreasing needs, while still enabling them to do their good deeds. But, they always seem to be needy if not greedy.
Leon Harrison
West Carrollton, Ohio

Killed my Saturn
Sirs, I’d like to know why GM killed the Saturn car company, especially when Saturn was poised to make the affordable electric car. The Saturn car company was the perfect already-existing platform for the now four times as efficient Lithium batteries. Saturn could have produced an affordable electric car for under $20,000, and coupled with an affordable home windmill, could have easily made the electric car a reality, plus saving people monies all around. The vertical axis windmill is 10 times as efficient as any bladed windmill, and easily and cheaply installed either on a home or building or pole. This country is only without jobs and money because greedy older corporations such as GE are suppressing innovations and inventions. It’s past time we made Congress accountable! I vote for recall!
J. Savage

Ohio Dog Auctions Act
Thank you for the interesting City Paper issue on pets.  One topic that was not covered is the Ohio Dog Auctions Act.  Volunteers all over Ohio are collecting signatures to put this measure on the ballot in 2012. It would make it illegal to raffle or auction a dog in Ohio, and help end a major distribution channel for large commercial breeding operations, also called puppy mills.
Dealers from 15 states come to Ohio dog auctions to buy and sell breeding stock. Some dealers have repeated violations of the Animal Welfare Act and/or convictions of animal cruelty. As the only state east of the Mississippi allowing dog auctions, Ohio is key in the multi-million dollar dog industry.
Conditions at puppy mills vary, but generally may involve over 50 breeding dogs, life-long 24-hour caging, no exercise or socialization, wire flooring, poor sanitation, over-breeding, lack of screening for genetic diseases and inadequate or non-existent veterinary care. One USDA inspector found 40 of 200 dogs in an Ohio breeding kennel were blind due to leptospirosis caused by contaminated water.  Meanwhile, consumers purchase the cute puppies at another location, unaware of conditions the mother dogs endure.
Puppy mills supply chain pet stores, and sell dogs online, through newspaper ads and at flea markets. This industry is flooding the country with tens of thousands of dogs, mostly smaller breeds and “designer hybrid” dogs. Dog auctions also tend to increase the number of breeders. Ohio had 18 USDA-registered breeders in 2002 and by 2007 we had 175.
Dog advocates hope this initiative petition will expose the relationship between auctions and puppy mills, draw attention to the plight of the breeding dogs and put a dent in this abusive industry. Registered voter signatures across Ohio are still needed. Anyone can obtain signatures for their county by printing out a petition and instructions from the website
Linda Leas
Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions
Dayton, Ohio

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