Free Speech Letters, 8/16/11

An ad for WYSO’s concert on August 21 incorrectly identified Holy Ghost Revival as the headlining band. Rather, the concert will present Crazy Joe with Ricky Nye Inc. as the show’s featured performers. Yellow Springs band, Wheels, will open the show. Visit for details. Five Rivers MetroParks apologizes for any inconvenience.

All your fault
David H. Landon offers no answers except to repeat the mistruths of the Tea Party and of the Republicans who created the economic crisis and the debt limit “crisis.” Go home Mr. Landon. Adults are trying to solve the problems you helped create.
Mark Essex
[RE: Debate Forum Right: “Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into,” 8/9/11]

Take a lesson in decorum
Mark, I beg to differ with you. The Tea Party is holding economic growth hostage for their political ideology. All of us agree Congress can do better but it can’t get the job done with the red meat agenda of the GOP. There are no adults in GOP leadership; they are the same politicians who gave us this problem and now they, and their supporters, expect us to believe that they have something to offer that has any credibility. The freshman Tea Party politicians need a course in decorum and leadership.
Bill Bridges
[RE: Mark Essex’s comment on Debate Forum Right: “Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into,” 8/9/11]

Nice try, wise guy
Ben, you call the Tea Party Republicans stupid, then proceed to list three reasons why. Unfortunately all three reasons listed are ridiculously untrue and easily rebuffed. I cannot understand the naiveté of the supposedly educated liberal mind. Please, do your research, wake up and help save our country.
G. Thielen
[RE: Debate Forum Left: “$14 trillion for the Corvette,” 8/9/11]

Logic, please?
Interesting column – as always! My observation is that we don’t all agree on the purpose of criminal justice system. Some think it’s retribution, some rehabilitation and some deterrence or prevention.
Since rehabilitation rarely works for serious offenders, until we find more reliable techniques, we should hold that as an ideal but not one within reach.
That leaves deterrence or vengeance. If as a society we could agree on one, we’d be more clear on what sentences are appropriate.
One thing to note: our system currently penalizes success and rewards ineptitude. A thief who steals $20 is convicted of petty theft and gets a shorter sentence than the one who steals $200,000 – despite that both have the same moral failing, differing only in degree. Someone who attempts murder but fails gets off more lightly than one who succeeds – again, both have identical intent and similar moral failing. In essence, if you’re too stupid to steal a worthwhile total, or too clumsy to really kill the person of your intent, the system thinks you’re less of a menace.
Not logical, in my view.
T.R. Ruddick
[RE: “Three looks at sentencing” by A.J. Wagner, 8/9/11]

The biggest losers?
The losers are the American people. Now was not the time to cut government spending. Not with unemployment over nine percent. The debt needs to be lowered in the long term, but every time you cut government spending, you take money out of people’s pockets. Either somebody’s not getting a benefit or subsidy check or a government worker loses a job. Either way, that’s money that person won’t be spending buying goods and services, further depressing demand. If demand goes down, there’s no incentive for businesses to create more goods and services, and thus no need to hire more people.
The winners: Everybody who wants to see the U.S. become a banana republic.
Kevin S.
[RE: Debate Forum Topic: “U.S. debt ceiling raised; Armageddon averted,” 8/9/11]

Guitar: an accident waiting to happen
I’m afraid Kyle Melton missed one important piece of advice for new guitarists. Guitar is an instrument that can hurt you. I have known quite a few self-taught guitarists who suffered from repetitive motion injuries — carpal tunnel, tendinitis, joint problems — brought on by poor technique. New guitarists make mistakes and if those mistakes aren’t corrected, they grow into bad habits. Wrong hand or finger position (right or left) can limit your long-term progress as a musician, and it also can contribute to injury. I recommend that new guitarists get at least some face-to-face instruction. Only a live instructor can see little errors in fingering and hand position, and reach out to correct them physically. After three or four months of private lessons or guitar classes, the proper basic technique should be established, and then it’s a matter of choice whether to continue to see a live instructor or to learn from websites, YouTube, DVD or music books (or best of all, all of the above).
T.R. Ruddick
[RE: “Old vs. new” by Kyle Melton, 7/26/11]

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