Free Speech Letters, 8/2/11

A locavore indeed
Dear Jen,
I loved your article. It brought many smiles to my face as I thought of you and your adventure. What a talent for writing you have, I am sure that many others enjoyed the fruits of your labor as I did. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more of your stuff down the road.
Mark Marsh
[RE:  “Living la vida  local” by Jennifer Hanauer, 6/28/11]

Thank you for helping
Dear Editor,
Hello, just wanted to take a minute to tell you that the pet issue turned out great! The articles covered controversial and fun topics while also helping local homeless pets, which was great! I look forward to seeing next year’s second edition!
Christina Massie
Centerville, Ohio

Are you a trained animal?
Dear Editor,
Most of what is called “education” in this country is actually training. What’s the difference? You educate people, you train animals. Education gives people tools to seek and find knowledge on their own, to evaluate differing views and discern which ones are valid and which ones are not. Training conditions animals (and people) to respond in specific ways to given stimuli, and to do specific tasks. Most importantly, training conditions people to unthinkingly believe what they’re told and blindly obey their masters.
Several generations of bright, curious children have gone to school and been turned into bored, disinterested zombies. Is school failing its stated purpose to educate these children, or is this happening by design? It turns out the school system is designed to do exactly what it’s doing!
So all you young folks who’ve been released from your prison for a few months can take this opportunity to find out what’s really being done to you. Now is a great chance to permanently free your mind from the government-mandated training being imposed on you.
Jeff Putman
Kettering, Ohio

My Pit Bull, the nanny
I think that Ms. Odeh is extremely ill-informed and should spend some time with a sweet and cuddly female Pit Bull like mine. I can tell how horribly violent my dog is by the way she rolls over on her back and lets the neighborhood children rub her belly. Her habit of greeting strangers with licks and dog hugs is almost unbearable. She stands up and wraps her legs around my waist and nuzzles my stomach every morning. Oh the horror. BTW, your stats are wrong. German Shepherds and Rottweilers attack and kill more people than Pit Bulls do. In England, so called “Pit Bulls” are known as Nanny Dogs because they are so gentle and sweet. Try spending some time with one before writing such a hateful negative article.
Eric Specht
[RE: Debate Forum Right, 7/12/11]

Starting a Dayton conversation
I moved away from Dayton in 1994 to the DC/MD/VA area, could not get past the slowness/non-progressing state of the city. To see Anthony (Tony) bring something like the Conversation Piece to Dayton is truly remarkable and gutsy. From the pics on Facebook, folks are having a good time, seeing something different (art, beautiful people), hearing something different (people speaking, the music) and just being able to go do something different. I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful write-up, and on my birthday, even. Need to clone Tony so that he can share his Conversation Piece, especially here in D.C. (city of too many opinions).
Tracy L. Barwick
[RE: “Conversational convictions” by J.T. Ryder, 7/26/11]

Fakin’ the Faygo love?
I’m a 26-year-old whose been listening to ICP since I was 12. I am a true Juggalo through and through. If you felt the need to stop listening, that’s cool. Don’t publish this bull crap about growing up. You are a freelance writer; you don’t even get published on the regular. If you were a true Juggalo (Whoop, whoop), you wouldn’t want to try to hate on fellow Juggalos. The whole point of us is sticking together, being a family and caring for each other. You are just some fool fakin’ the funk and pretending to be something you’re not.
Jon Esterline
[RE: “Bachelor’s Pad” by Jason Webber, 7/19/11]

A true Juggalo you are not
Well just because you are going through a mid-life crisis doesn’t mean you have to put down a very talented band. No one is ever too old to love the awesome tunes of the one and only ICP. My dad is in his 50s and still rocks out to them. I am 25 and will always be down with the clowns. I went to college and have a good career and I am a single mother of one. You obviously need to find yourself; you never understood what a true Juggalo is.
Deanna Thomas
[RE: “Bachelor’s Pad” by Jason Webber, 7/19/11]

Either you are or you aren’t
Well, if you ask me, either you are a Juggalo or you are not. You can not just choose to be one or not. It’s in the heart; in your brain. You obviously just never actually had the Juggalo mind-set. To me, being a Juggalo is someone who doesn’t care about materialism or about what people think of you. When you are a Juggalo, you don’t care if “you look lame” or “if you’re older than everyone else.” Matter of fact, you seem to be the complete opposite of a Juggalo. Being a Juggalo requires a lot more and not even necessarily listening to the music. So, there’s no reason to try and make the rest of us, who are Juggalos, feel stupid or immature about it. Even though, as previously stated, we will not care.
Chad Connor
[RE: “Bachelor’s Pad” by Jason Webber, 7/19/11]

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