Free Speech Letters, 8/23/11

No evidence? No lesson.
The problem is that neither creationism nor intelligent design is a scientific theory. To be a scientific theory, an idea must be capable of being falsified by empirical observation. In other words, there must be some evidence that, if it existed, proves the idea to be false. No advocate of creationism or intelligent design has, to my knowledge, ever mentioned any experiment or observation that they believed would falsify either idea.
Therefore, these ideas have no place in a science classroom. Now, if you want to teach creationism as part of a class on religion or mythology, or teach intelligent design in a philosophy class, that’s fine. Of course, most Evangelical Christians wouldn’t like having an actual philosophy class where students debated whether it’s really possible for a God with all three “omnis” to exist …
Kevin S.
[RE: Debate Forum Right: “Creationism or evolution or both” by Kelly Kohls, 8/16/11]

A side of bacon, please
Had the opportunity to see these guys perform and it was one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever seen. They really get the audience into the act and everything is totally unpredictable. If you have the time and you like to laugh you should go see them before they are famous and it’s too expensive!
Matt Wilcher
[RE: “Sizzling Bacon” by J.T. Ryder, 8/16/11]

Both better than one?
Why not teach both as possible answers? evolution cannot be proven as fact. Neither can creationism. Mankind has been on earth for some 6,000 years according to the Bible, however life forms that may have existed on this planet in the some odd 16 billion years before man showed up are not documented in the Bible. Why not allow for the possibility that the remains that have been used to “prove” evolution are from an entirely different creation? Who knows how many gods have put some form of life on this planet? How many cataclysms have wiped those creations from the face of the earth only to have some new life form take its place? Teach both of them as mythology if you want, but stop trying to present a theory as a fact to the extent that naysayers and Bible believers are ridiculed. Both may have some validity.
Eric Specht
[RE: Debate Forum Right: “Creationism or evolution or both” by Kelly Kohls, 8/16/11]

She’s not alone in this
In these Tea Party-hearty days, it’s not surprising that reactionary forces are at work throughout the land; having demonstrated and taken advantage of American credulity time and time again, their energies are waxing and their determination is in full bloom. Mrs. Kohls is merely one little head of the hydra and you can bet your bottom dollar that she didn’t come up with this little contretemps all on her lonesome. Interests well outside the community of Springboro are behind this “local” effort, I guarantee it.
Mrs. Kohls is well schooled in the standard arguments of creationists — oh, pardon me, I meant intelligent designers — and their standard misrepresentations, and don’t let her soft-soap rhetoric fool you, nor her disingenuous presentation of “evidence” and support. For instance, Karl Priest, the former teacher who Mrs. Kohls claims just “wrote to me last week” is a leading figure in the creationist movement, though perhaps not the most rational one. For some enlightening reading concerning Mr. Priest, check out this site: It’s quite revealing.
I don’t really care to get much further into this latest teapot tempest; it’s just another distraction to keep people from paying attention to genuinely important issues. I encourage Mrs. Kohls to review the definition of theory as it applies to genuine science before she makes any more of a fool of herself in her vain attempts to inject religious doctrine into the public school system. Springboro, of all places, deserves better.
[RE: “Intelligent creation” by A.J. Wagner, 8/16/11]

A rousing thank-you
My wife and I just read the article about bars in the Dayton City Paper. That was absolutely spectacular.  What a great article. I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you so much for your effort. I really think you contribute a lot for our community.
Major Larry Faulkner
Central Patrol Operations Division
City of Dayton Police
[RE: “A shot in the dark” by Christopher Schutte, 8/16/11]

DVDA, seriously?
I must say that I was appropriately stunned to see this garbage in print in what purports to be a public newspaper. I am sure this type of drivel reaches some strange and perverse portion of our city, but you completely lose and offend normal people when you choose to put something like this in print. Perhaps I just have not been reading long enough, but my readership will cease immediately. I am sure there are enough people with enough hatred of the Tea Party willing to overlook this, but you have lost this common man.
Dave J.
[RE: Debate Forum Left: “$14 trillion for the Corvette” by Benjamin Tompkins, 8/9/11]

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