Free Speech Letters, 9/27/11

Dayton to be another ‘sanctuary city’
So, Dayton, Ohio, is going to become another [illegal] immigrant-friendly “sanctuary city” with its “Welcome Dayton Plan,” whereat cheap-labor and government lovers and others can pick and choose which federal laws they want ignored or enforced … excepting those regarding guns, race, sex, taxes and test scores, of course. Can or will we ignore the whines, and report and deport illegal aliens, after they commit additional crimes? I thought that the City of Dayton was broke, folks. How much are these additional “interpretive services” (including multilingual printing) going to cost? How many criminal immigrants are not going to be hard-working family-oriented decent-people entrepreneurs? How much damage and death can just a few of them do or cause to us citizen victims of government Santa Clause? Do we not have enough cheap labor, criminals and poor, functionally illiterate, dependent voters yet?
P.S. By the way, pretty, childless, healthy, young, sexy, single friendly female immigrants are okay … as long as they are cuties who are eager and willing to do their womanly duties, cheaply or free for me, you see. Of course, they could and should be reported and deported, after they become pregnant, sick, old, plain, or get lazy and complain. Or start bottom feeding, and breeding bastards and brats for Democrats.
Leon Harrison
West Carrollton, Ohio

The issue with Issue 2
November 8, 2011 is Election Day and I am a retired firefighter who will vote no on Issue 2 and I am very proud to vote no on Issue 2. This issue is to repeal senate Bill 5 and it will take all rights away from our public employees like firefighters and police officers who protect our cities and homes. It will take all collective bargaining away from firefighters and police officers and other public workers.
And, when you cut manpower in a fire department or police department, you put the citizens and police officers and firefighters at risk with lowering manpower. I would say the governor does not respect unions at all. The way I understand these cuts is to cut taxes in businesses and bonuses to state executives. I hope and I know my fellow firefighters will vote “no” on Issue 2 and repeal Senate Bill 5 from being signed into law. Vote “no” on Issue 2.
Fred J. Pekalt
West Carrollton, Ohio

Free birth control not our only fight
Ms. Stanley,
I was glad to see your long piece in the Dayton City Paper and I approve every word. I send the material below not because it is directly relevant but because I am discouraged from believing we can change minds about anything, including equality for women, fast enough to keep from sinking further.
I can’t imagine how long it will take for us to become a united nation. But our primitive tribal division between North and South is rapidly reducing us to second class among nations.
We cannot survive on top when about 40 percent of us would fly the Confederate flag, believe in the literal Bible, don’t mind the occasional lynching, reject evolution and climate science and have an instinctive gut reflex against anything which comes from North, black Americans or D.C. government.
I find most of my friends north of the old Mason-Dixon line simply do not appreciate the depth of rejection, hatred and revulsion against the North prevailing in the South.
Reading one volume like “Confederates in the Attic” by Tony Horwitz should convince my Northern friends that the South thinks we are the enemy. But they are not convinced. They calmly suggest that I exaggerate. They cling to their righteous notion that we won the war and the South can’t seriously hate us, harbor 150-year-old angers and want to secede, again.
Those who casually assume that the Sunnis and Shias in Iraq can be persuaded to paint over their differences and become one happy nation make the same mistake when they hope “our North and South can sit down at lunch and become one happy nation.”
Nothing like that is going to happen soon.
I have read a lot about how we acquire our values and prejudices. Modern neurology is pretty clear when it asserts supremacy of emotion over reason and the power of ideas planted early. We all suffer this obstacle to facing new facts.
Some like to think that eminently reasonable thinkers like Gallileo, Newton, Einstein and Darwin would eventually rise to the top over all lesser minds. Eventually, maybe. But not soon enough.
Paul R. Cooper
Yellow Springs, Ohio
[RE: “A sorry attempt at dominance” by Marianne Stanley, 9/6/11]

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