Free Speech letters, 9/6/11

No Bob love? Pt. 1
To call this article Guided By Vices and not include any of Robert Pollard’s 2011 releases (four, so far) is a disgrace. Sounds like you have more of an issue with being trendy than being an actual critic. Go hide under a rock and stop reviewing music.
Andrew Garvic
[RE: “Guided By Vices” by Christopher Schutte, 8/30/11]

No Bob love? Pt. 2
Couldn’t help but notice the mass irony in the title. I am sure it’s because you are going to write an article about how every single record Robert Pollard has released thus far in 2011 is better than any of this other shit you have wasted your time on.
Brian G. Miller
[RE: “Guided By Vices” by Christopher Schutte, 8/30/11]

Rick Perry lover?
Another conservative who can quote the 10th Amendment all day but can’t remember the elastic clause. But the real highlight has to be invoking Jefferson’s support of nullification. You do realize that this idea of nullification eventually turned into support for secession (though not in Jefferson’s lifetime)? Do you want the U.S. to have another Civil War? Or do you just want to move to Texas and work on Rick Perry’s presidential campaign?
Kevin S.
[RE: Debate Forum Right: “Reacquainting America with the 10th Amendment” by David H. Landon, 8/23/11]

A better pie?
You have to go try Bellbrook Pizza if you like Ha Ha Pizza. You will like Bellbrook Pizza!
Angel K. Schneider
[RE: “Ha Ha Pizza” by Tom Baker, 8/30/11]

Spell it out for me
If the three reasons are so easily rebuffed … then why don’t you take the time to explain them? Or perhaps you are thinking that wishing it makes it so?
John Tomkins
[RE: Debate Forum Left: “$14 trillion for the Corvette” By Benjamin Tompkins, 8/9/11]

Pit Bull mama’s mad
I am a proud owner of two American Pit Bull Terriers. I was raised with two Pit Bulls who were my best friends. I love my dogs with all my heart and there is no better breed out there in my opinion. Growing up, I was taught how to correctly raise a Pit Bull. It is not the breed that is causing this problem with attacks on people and children; it is the owner. You all need to think that through a little. Pit Bull’s were used as “nanny dogs” in the mid 1900s. While the father was out working and supporting his family and the mother was cooking, cleaning, etc., they used a Pit Bull to watch the children play while the parents were busy. Pit Bulls are America’s breed of dog and you are doing nothing but turning your backs on our dog. Also, President Theodore Roosevelt and President Woodrow Wilson both owned Pit Bulls. Helen Keller had a Pit Bull.
Take the time and do your research. You are trying to ban America’s most beloved breed. And all you Chihuahua owners: My mother has two Chihuahuas and I have two Pit Bulls, all in the same house. My Pit Bulls have marks and scars on them from the Chihuahuas attacking them. When the Chihuahuas attack my Pit Bulls, my Pit Bulls either back away from them, yelp or run up to me. Do you really, honestly think that sounds like a vicious dog? In my opinion, Chihuahuas are much, much more aggressive than Pit Bulls but they’re just not very strong. Please, do a little research, maybe go to a local Pit Bull shelter and give them a chance to show you how sweet and loving they really are. I love animals (no matter what kind or breed). There [are] many other breeds of dogs that I have tried to own or want to own, but I just can’t find myself owning any other breed besides a Pit Bull. Once you own one, you will fall head over heels for [them]. My Pit Bulls are like children to me. I would not be able to cope if someone tried to take them away from me. My heart belongs to a Pit Bull, along with many other loving Pit Bull owners out there. I pray you can see the truth and reality about Pit Bulls.
Ashley McDaniel
[RE: Debate Forum Left: “Ohio’s Pit Bulls; no longer vicious?” by Rana Odeh, 7/12/11]

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