From a crescent to a gem

Paul Sanchez kicks off NOLA Summer In Dayton at Canal Street Tavern

By: Justin Kreitzer

Photo: New Orleans-based guitarist Paul Sanchez visits Canal Street Tavern on July 10; photo credit: Chris Granger

New Orleans – known as the “Crescent City” – is notorious for its wild parties, but it is also famous for its musical history; rich in jazz and blues. It is fitting that the “Gem City,” also acclaimed for its musical history, will be the home for NOLA Summer In Dayton, a concert series sponsored by Yeah You Right Music Inc., along with the New Orleans-based Abita Brewing Company, and hosted at Canal Street Tavern.

Dayton native and music fan Tom Perlic of Yeah You Right Music created the series because, as he said, “Folks that live in New Orleans say that less than one percent of visitors to the city ‘get’ New Orleans. That is, [to] understand the role New Orleans has and continues to play in the development of American music whether it’s jazz, traditional music, blues, rock ‘n’ roll or hip hop. I’ve been traveling to New Orleans for nearly 20 years and ‘got’ New Orleans the first time I heard music there!” Perlic wants to “… transport you to the Crescent City during the NOLA Summer in Dayton music series and have you ‘get’ New Orleans while having a great night at Dayton’s own venerable Canal Street Tavern!”

The first show in the series will bring New Orleans singer-songwriter Paul Sanchez – formerly of the ‘90s alt-rock band Cowboy Mouth and famous for their 1996 modern rock hit “Jenny Says” – to Canal Street Tavern along with special guest Davis Rogan on Wednesday, July 10. The remaining two dates of the NOLA Summer In Dayton concert series will bring Soul Project NOLA, a soulful New Orleans-based funk and blues band led by Jon Cristian Duque on Thursday, July 18, and then Davis Rogan will return with his band on Friday, Aug. 16.

In anticipation of his upcoming show, Paul Sanchez was kind enough to talk to the Dayton City Paper about his acting and writing experiences and what to expect from his live show.

You live in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans and have appeared in all four seasons of HBO’s “Treme.” How was that experience?  

The folks with HBO’s “Treme,” in my experience with them, went out of their way to be respectful of the musicians they worked with on the show. I had a small role in the series, playing myself in a few episodes, but I was made to feel like part of the “Treme” family every time I was on set. – Paul Sanchez

Since the break-up of Cowboy Mouth, you have gone solo. What do you enjoy about playing solo? 

I enjoy the freedom of playing solo; doing my own songs when in Cowboy Mouth, I only got to sing two a night. I very much enjoy working with different musicians after working with the same guys for 15 years night after night. I enjoy having time to collaborate with other songwriters like John Boutte, Shamarr Allen, Alex McMurray, Davis Rogan and Glen David Andrews who were all on “Treme” as well. I was thrilled and honored to work on the “Nine Lives” musical adaptation of Dan Baum’s New York Times best seller. All things I wouldn’t have had the chance to do if I were still with the band. – PS

Have you ever played in Dayton before? 

I have played Dayton a few times and I like the folks there because they like to actually listen to music as well as experience the groove. Folks like a good turn of phrase, they like songwriters and I dig them for it. – PS

What are your future plans as far as acting, writing another book and new music?

I just had a small role in a remake of “Bonnie & Clyde” that will be on television this Fall and that was fun because I wasn’t playing myself this time … My first book, “Pieces Of Me” was really a series of blogs that someone edited into a book. It was born of the pain and confusion of having lost everything in the flood and trying to find my way back to the world, it was an accidental book. I’m writing a series of short stories now about my days of living in New York City in the ‘80s … I haven’t been writing much new music … [After] doing the songs for my sixth solo release since the flood, “Reclamation Of The Pie-Eyed Piper.” – PS

In conjunction with Yeah You Right Music you will be “bringing New Orleans to Dayton for one night.” What does that mean to you and what can we expect?  

New Orleans people talk too much, we laugh too loud, we dance by ourselves if we have to and we live life at full volume. Expect stories, songs, laughter and probably a touch of sadness because life happens that way. – PS

The NOLA Summer Music Series Presents Paul Sanchez with Davis Rogan on Wednesday, July 10 at Canal Street Tavern, 308 E. First St. Advance tickets $12 and $20, $15 DOS. For more information visit 


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