Gotta have Sister Faith

Coliseum celebrates 10 years with new album and tour

By Zach Rogers
Photo: Coliseum [l to r] Kayhan Vaziri, Carter Wilson and Ryan Patterson; Photo credit: Nick Thieneman

The Beatles broke up after 10 years together, but so what? This means nothing to Coliseum, a punk band from the punkiest of places, Louisville, Ky. Having just released their fourth album Sister Faith back in April, the band is celebrating 10 years of playing music together while rolling through a summer tour, which includes a stop at Cincinnati’s Taft Theatre on Wednesday, June 12. Even with all of the commotion, DCP managed to catch up with guitarist/vocalist Ryan Patterson to answer some questions about the band and their new album out now on Temporary Residence Ltd.

This year marks 10 years since Coliseum was first born – how does it feel?

It feels great. It’s been nice to do this for so long and accomplish so much – much more than I ever imagined. We’ve played over 800 shows all over the world, released four albums and numerous EPs and split releases, met tons of wonderful people and had countless adventures. It’s been a beautiful experience. – Ryan Patterson

How did the band come together?

After spending years playing guitar and bass in countless bands that fizzled out after a year or so, I wanted to start a band where I sang and played guitar so I could manage the band’s longevity. I asked some friends to start the band with me and we dove right in, recording our first album before we’d played our first show. There was no long-term goal other than to create music that moves us and to exist long enough for the band to be meaningful. All these years later, we’ve taken some twists and turns, but the goals still remain the same. – RP

Did you see yourselves truckin’ after all this time when you first started the group?

I’m not sure. I generally don’t look too far ahead in terms of the band. We might have the next six months or a year planned out, but it’s impossible to look much farther than that. I didn’t set out for Coliseum to fade away after a year or two – I wanted it to be my band for as long as I wanted to be in a band. I think even if we stopped doing it for a few years it would never really end, it would just be in some sort of weird hibernation for a while. – RP

The band released its fourth LP Sister Faith in April. Tell me a little about the record. What kind of things were you trying to accomplish this time around? 

It’s the album I’ve always wanted to make, and it’s certainly the apex of the band’s work thus far. We recorded with our friend and frequent collaborator J. Robbins at his Magpie Cage studio in Baltimore. It was the best experience of my musical life. I started writing demos over the winter of 2011/12, and the band started working on songs from March through September, with recording taking place in October 2012. We were just trying to write songs we wanted to hear and challenge ourselves with new ideas and new experiments along the way. Lyrically, the album faces a lot of the darkest places of human experience but tackles them with positivity, love, and beauty. – RP

Besides LPs, you’ve also released a ton of EPs and splits during the band’s existence. Is the band a fan of smaller releases more than full-length albums?

I was always a fan of those 7” punk and hardcore EPs. In some cases, that’s the best format for certain bands. A couple of our defining releases have been eight-song 12” EPs, and we’ve had a lot of fun doing split releases with bands that are good friends as well. We’re a really prolific band, we write a lot of material and each release is essentially an art project for us. There’s nothing like getting a vinyl record in your hands and putting it on the turntable then scouring over the artwork and liner notes for the first time. – RP

You guys have a ton of dates booked for 2013 – I take it you like touring?

We like playing shows for people and seeing all our friends and touring is the vehicle that accomplishes that. Touring can be great fun, but it can also be tedious and/or difficult at times. We all enjoy and appreciate most aspects of it, but if we could play shows in different towns each night and be back home with our loved ones for the remainder of the day I’m sure we’d prefer that. But until we can beam ourselves home after each show, the van will just have to do. – RP

After the tour wraps up in June, what’s next for the band?

We’ll be playing more throughout the rest of this year and next year as well. We’re just excited about Sister Faith and looking forward to playing for the folks who have supported us for the past decade, as well as new fans that discover us and like the music we create. – RP

Coliseum will be performing Wednesday, June 12 at the Taft Theatre, 317 East Fifth St., Cincinnati, Ohio. Also on the bill is Baroness. Advance tickets are $15 and $18 at the door. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. with doors opening at 7:30. For more information, visit 


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