Hmm. Who doesn’t belong?

H eadlines today, 3/1/11

CNN: The facts vs. Moammar Gadhafi

BBC: Refugee crisis on Libya’s west border

MSNBC: As clashes flare, Iranian security forces fire tear
gas at protesters

NPR: Libya Risks Slide Into ‘Protracted Civil War,’ U.S. Says

New York Times:Powerful Cleric Joins Protest to Urge Islamic Rule in Yemen

Washington Post: Rebels hold off Gaddafi loyalists in six-hour battle

LA Times: Yemeni president blames U.S., Israel for Arab unrest

And finally…

Fox News: GOP Moving to Keep Gov’t Running

Wow, it’s a Liberal  media conspiracy to divert our attention from the real issues.  Even the Washington Times is headlining Yemen.   However, in other hard-hitting action news, the New York Post is headlining a picture of Charlie Sheen sucking crack out of one of his two girlfriends’ teeth.  It’s important.  Have you ever realized that you know anything about Charlie Sheen and been pissed at yourself because that means there important details about the universe you don’t have space for?

Ben Tomkins is a violinist, teacher, journalist and critically acclaimed composer currently living in Denver, Colorado. He hates stupidity and generally believes that the volume of one’s voice is inversely proportional to one’s knowledge of an issue. Reach Ben Tomkins at

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