Honey, I cooked the kids!

Fetus Omelet brings gore (not core) to Blind Bob’s

By Gary Spencer
Photo: Fetus Omelet will perform at Blind Bob’s on March 17; [l to r] Doomore Rapiste and Xerxes Grimm

Dayton grindcore outfit Fetus Omelet is not for the faint of heart or for anyone offended by four letter words. Cloaked in bloody butcher smocks and surgical attire, Fetus Omelet’s visual aesthetic is only the tip of the potentially fatal iceberg of what the duo of Doomore Rapiste and Xerxes Grimm bring to the table. Armed with such songs as “Cumming in a Pool of Vomit” and “Emo Girls Gangbanged with Sharp Objects,” their sound is an unholy union of pornographic movie samples, slashing guitars, electronic blast beats and gurgling vocals from the bowels of Hell. Originally formed in 2004 as a recording project, Fetus Omelet has enjoyed a reawakening in the last few years as not just a studio entity, but as a live assault on the senses, terrorizing unexpecting audiences not just in Dayton, but all over the Midwest. Fetus Omelet is set to perform its most heinous live ritual to date this coming Sunday at Blind Bob’s in celebration of releasing their full-fledged debut album whimsically entitled Sniff Your Rancid Cunt. I got together with Doomore and Xerxes to find out what their musical madness is all about, and they had no shortage of opinions to share.  Read on, if you dare…

A knowledgeable listener might categorize Fetus Omelet as “grindcore,” “goregrind” or even “porno grind,” whereas an unfamiliar listener might think it’s just a bunch of noise.  How would you describe your music?

The best answer would be grind, since anything I hear described with “core” in it immediately makes me want to shit out of my eardrums.  – Doomore Rapiste

I’d compare us more to the noise you get when you shove a toaster in a blender, the blender into the dishwasher and the dishwasher into a cement truck.  – Xerxes Grimm

There is an obvious visual aesthetic/theatricality to Fetus Omelet and its live show. From where did you get inspiration for your look and live performance?

GWAR would be one of the earliest influences for the theatrics. Xerxes likes to get up in people’s faces – our shows get pretty intense. There was a time we had a group of girls start crying once we started playing. -DR

Why do you choose to use a drum machine for your recordings and live performances?

I hate that people always seem to think they know best when it comes to how OUR band should sound. All I ever hear from so-called “critics” is: “you guys really need a drummer,” to which I always reply, “Bite me.” There have been dumber suggestions such as, “you guys should add clean vocals” and even once “you guys should have a rapper with you.” The presence we command onstage is enough to compensate for the lack of a drummer and then some. -XG

Fetus Omelet incorporates a lot of samples in its music.  From where do you cull your samples?

Horror movies and Internet porn. Youporn.com is a member of the band as far as we’re concerned. -DR

You have a new album in the can.  What’s the scoop on that?

The album is entitled Sniff Your Rancid Cunt and it will be released at our show, March 17, at Blind Bob’s. If anybody has any sense whatsoever – which I know that no one does anymore – they won’t buy it! It will be a physical as well as a digital release. –XG

Some people might find your music, lyrics and artwork offensive.  Thoughts?

I have many thoughts and none of ‘em good. We live in a world where the media bombards us relentlessly with sub-par, mediocre garbage. This is our way of saying “Look we can make terrible crap too!” -XG

I hope people are disgusted with us. It’s awesome that there are people that enjoy what we are doing, but we live to piss people off. It’s a whole different form of gratification. It’s funny that when people aren’t down with what we do, they are perfectly fine with “16 and Pregnant,” “Jersey Shore” and FOX News. This steady stream of bullshit that flows in front of them everyday is perfectly fine, but we sing about masturbation for 30 seconds and we are the sick bastards?!?! Winning! -DR

How long do you see yourself doing this? How long do you think a band of this nature can sustain itself?

I will do this until my last breath leaves my lungs. This is war. We are the enemy and we will prevail. As long as there are people willing to let the “mainstream” media know that they are tired of being TOLD what they like, we will sustain. -XG

This was started as a joke for ourselves, and it will always be that. Until we are ordered by the UN to discontinue making music, we will remain. -DR

Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

Please, check us out. If you enjoy it, buy our shit. Everything is 100% DIY, no bullshit. If you don’t like it, let us know how much and why. I love reading hate mail. -DR

Fetus Omelet will perform on Sunday, March 17 at Blind Bob’s, 430 E. Fifth St.  Zuel, Mephitic Husk, Close the Hatch and Killing Session are also on the bill.  Admission is $5 for 21 and over. Doors at 9 p.m. For more information visit reverbnation.com/fetusomelet.

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