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Cadaver Dogs bring rock n’ roll mayhem to Poelking Lanes

By Zach Rogers

Photo: Columbus gutter rock trio Cadaver Dogs play Poelking Lanes on Wilmington Pike Aug. 3

Decades ago, Black Sabbath claimed to have sold their souls for rock n’ roll. The same could be said of the band Cadaver Dogs, from Columbus, Ohio, if any of the members actually had souls to begin with. But, perhaps to their advantage, all three of them are dark, soulless creatures who lurk in the shadows, awaiting their next victim. The streets of Columbus might be pretty clean, but both the music and behavior of the band exemplify the stench that lingers deep within the city’s sewers. Having formed with the intent of tearing everything down, Cadaver Dogs have made a name for themselves by playing high-energy, low-standards rock n’ roll that comes from the heart, or whatever it is they have in their system at the time. On Saturday, Aug. 3, Dayton will get a chance to participate in the wickedness when the band rolls through Poelking Lanes on Wilmington Pike. With two EP’s, a full-length album and a chunk of touring under their belts, the band has never sounded better, and they’ve never wanted to ingest more drugs or drink more alcohol than they do now. Full of confidence and hallucinogens, and midway through a summer tour, I managed to catch up with one of the dirty Dogs and learned – among other things – the reason behind all of their adrenaline-charged decadence.

What’s the history behind Cadaver Dogs, and how long have you guys been in the band together?

We first injected ourselves with deceased canine plasma about three years ago, and after that things really took off. We found ourselves filled with this rabid, frenetic energy that was pulsating through our veins and we needed a way to unleash the energy without ripping the flesh from our bones. So, we started a band. – Cadaver Dogs

How did you all know each other before the band?

We met at a private educational institute for budding young science prodigies, and we were all in school for like three years before actually meeting. Luckily, one semester we all pretty much had the same course load and we found ourselves in a handful of classes – Mutations in the Animal Kingdom, Embalming & Mortuary Studies, Reproductive Arts – where a mutual respect of beliefs and talents was quickly established. After a few rogue experiments, we turned our focus to rock n’ roll, and the rest is history. – CD

What would you say is the biggest influence behind the band’s sleazy, intoxicated rock and roll sound? 

Definitely our hormones. – CD

The band’s already released two EPs, 2010’s Thrill Ride and 2011’s On All Fours, and now you have the full-length debut album, superloose. What was the recording process like for the album? 

We recorded superloose in September with a pair of amazing producers, Kevin Antreassian and Jesse Korman at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, N.J. They’d worked with a number of different bands that we knew and respected (Foxy Shazam, Deftones, Dillinger Escape Plan) and we’d worked with them on our On All Fours EP, too, so we knew what they were capable of. They usually steer away from intoxicants and hallucinogens, but for us they made an exception. In the end, we walked out with a masterpiece. – CD

Is there anything the band did differently for the album? 

We made twice as much noise for twice as long. – CD

How much touring does the band do on a regular basis? What makes your shows unique? Is it the debauchery or the drugs? 

We tour constantly. We played over a hundred shows in the past year from Vermont to California and a lot of places in between. This fall, we’ll be embarking on another full U.S. tour from October to December, and we’ll be hitting a lot of virgin territory. And while we have shared lots of drugs and debauchery with friends on the road, we really think it’s the dog plasma that gives us our edge on stage. – CD

Poelking Lanes seems like an interesting venue – is the band secretly a bunch of bowling fanatics? 

We’ve never actually been to this venue, but our good friends in Nightbeast set this one up and they’ll be closing out the night. We’ve hit the lanes on occasion while on tour, and it’s entirely possible that we’ll take on a few frames when we get there, if anyone wants to roll. Losers buy shots – we drink Fireball. – CD

Who’s the best bowler of the bunch? 

We’re pretty evenly matched at the sport itself, but our alley experiences have primarily been alcohol-oriented. So who’s the best bowling drinker? Cole, without a doubt. – CD

If it came down to it, which one of you would end up leaving the band in order to pursue a career in professional bowling? 

Well they drug-test professional bowlers, so none of us. – CD

Besides the album (and bowling), what else does the band have in store for the rest of the year? 

Bizarre circumstances with mysterious people in exotic locations – look for us coming to a town near you! – CD

Cadaver Dogs will perform Saturday, Aug. 3 at Poelking Lanes, 1403 Wilmington Ave. Also on the bill is Nightbeast. Show starts at 7 p.m. For more information on Cadaver Dogs, visit

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