The Wrestling Revolver invades Rockstar Pro Arena

‘Bulldozer’ Matt Tremont in 2016 Best of the Best; photo: Meggie Baker

By Gary Spencer

Pro wrestling isn’t just about WWE these days. In fact, indie circuit wrestling such as New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and Global Force Wrestling seem to be thriving at all-time highs as popular alternatives to Vince McMahon’s “sports entertainment” product.

Locally, Dayton’s Rockstar Pro Wrestling is continuing to grow as well, selling out nearly every pay-per-view event and a cult of uber-loyal fans attending their weekly Amped TV tapings on Wednesday nights. On Aug. 4, The Wrestling Revolver, one of the newest and most exciting independent wrestling promotions in the USA, joins forces with Rockstar Pro to present The Catalina Wrestling Mixer.

Rockstar Pro Wrestling is the brainchild of Dayton music scene veterans Ben Parker, Chad Parker, and Gee Gee Bradley. In 2009, the trio decided to start up their very own wrestling promotion in the Gem City to put their own spin on a century old art form.

“We were discouraged by the state of the regional wrestling scene at the time,” Bradley says. “Coming from a punk background, we wanted Rockstar Pro to have a punk rock vibe—an alternative to mainstream pro wrestling.”

This thinking outside the box is evident in this Friday’s upcoming co-production with The Wrestling Revolver, a promotion based out of Iowa started up by former WWE NXT and current Lucha Underground star Sami Callahan. Revolver also has a unique vision of what their brand of wrestling is all about, claiming “every show a different roster.”

“Revolver is ‘for our generation, by our generation,’ with unique matches and events—typically colliding first-time encounters in a high energy format,” says Philip Stamper, Wrestling Revolver’s director of media and public relations. “Many promotions rely on a set group of people in a roster, meaning match-ups risk being stale and innovation slows down. So we inject it with people still cutting their teeth and willing to take risks. We also use recognizable names in wrestling like former WWE stars Chavo Guerrero, Bob Holly, Billy Gunn, Adam Rose—and put them into unique encounters, different than what you see on TV, requiring them to showcase a new level of ability.”

Indeed, there will be some unique match-ups at the Catalina Mixer, many of which have never been seen in Dayton or elsewhere. One of the big attractions is Wrestling Revolver’s first ever eight-man, one-night tournament featuring a mix of current and former stars of WWE, Rockstar Pro, Lucha Underground, Combat Zone Wrestling, and Global Force Wrestling. The winner who gets to take home the trophy and bragging rights for winning this tournament will have to wrestle and win three matches in one evening—a feat truly exemplifying of the adage “survival of the fittest.”

“The world-wide buzz we are getting, even outpacing other [wrestling promotions] on DVD and download sales means there is going to be a world of recognition by winning our first-ever tournament,” Stamper says.

Another intriguing match is the Revolver Open Invite Scramble championship match, which will see current Open Invite Scramble champion Jordan Len-X defend his title against eight other competitors, again representing multiple nationally known wrestling promotions, all at the same time with the first fall to a finish getting the win.

“It has a unique style and pushes everyone to their limits,” Stamper says. “Seeing the reaction from our crowds, the Open Invite Scramble has become a staple of Wrestling Revolver.”

And perhaps the one match on the card that is sure to raise some eyebrows is a first time ever “Battle of the Sexes” matchup pitting former Rockstar Pro Champion and recent Global Force Wrestling signee Jake Crist against former Impact Wrestling Women’s Champion Jessica Havok. With Crist’s acrobatic, dardevil feats of athletic wonder and Havok’s in your face, smashmouth style, it could be the match of the night. However, in the year 2017, the idea of a man versus woman fight might seem controversial to some but Rockstar and Revolver have a different viewpoint.

“I think its very un-PC to think women can’t compete at the same level as the men,” Bradley says. “Women often compete against men just for the opportunity to actually compete rather than just be a valet or manager.”

“In the ring, we’re all competitors,” Stamper adds. “Havok knows what she is doing and has wrestled both women and men around the world. Jake is an international competitor who has also developed a rich, unique style. Neither is afraid of the other and both want to win.”

The Wrestling Catalina Mixer appears to be just what the doctor ordered for both hardcore fans and those looking to get their feet wet in the world of pro wrestling.

“Even if you’re not a fan of pro wrestling on television, it’s a very different experience when you’re there live and the action is right in your face,” Bradley says. “If WWE is like seeing a big pop-star in a big production in a big venue where you’re in the cheap seats, Rockstar is like seeing a killer rock band, up close and personal, where there’s not a bad seat in the house.”

The Catalina Wrestling Mixer takes place Friday, Aug. 4 at Rockstar Pro Arena, 1106 E. Third St. in Dayton. Event starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15-$25 in advance. For tickets and more information, please visit

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Gary Spencer is a graduate of Miami University and works in the performing arts, and believes that music is the best. Contact him at

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