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Buddha Den Celebrates Third Anniversary

By Linda Turk

The Minor Leagues

As you prepare your “To Do” lists for the cookout you’re planning on Labor Day, perhaps you should remind yourself that it is also okay to be somewhat labor-free the weekend before the holiday. How should you do that, you wonder? Get yourself to South Park Tavern on Saturday, September 4 and celebrate The Buddha Den’s 3rd Anniversary Show, which will feature the music of Father’s Day, The Minor Leagues and

Roley Yuma.

In an interview with Dayton City Paper, Kyle Melton, Buddha Den founder, discussed each of the bands. He explained that Father’s Day is a new project by Dayton’s own Joe Anderl and Kris N. and said, “I’ve known Kris and Joe for awhile and they have both been really helpful… and they have this new thing, so I just wanted to help get them out there.” Melton has also worked before with Dayton native Roley Yuma who did the first residency at the Buddha Den’s NTRO/XPO (which is a free weekly event). Melton described Cincinnati’s The Minor Leagues as “a quasi-theatrical Indie Pop group. They’re very energetic and very good… They just recently became active again and put out a record this year and they played at South Park Tavern earlier this year and I really wanted to have them back.”

Melton also talked about some of the new things to take place with him and The Buddha Den this past year. One of the biggest things he discussed was relocating NTRO/XPO from the Oregon Express to South Park Tavern in March. Of NTRO/XPO, Melton said, “We still host the residencies and we have a band play the full month, it is still basically the same format. Two bands who play 10 p.m. until midnight. So it is really good because it is all ages now and we can get some younger bands in at South Park Tavern.”

As for The Buddha Den blog itself, Melton noted that he has been a little less active writing wise on the blog than he has in years past. He mentioned that he took the off the month of December, “sort of to regroup and just after two plus years I kind of got burned out and I just took a minute.” And even though he took a breather, he said, “I definitely try to keep up with what’s going on in the town and discuss new bands and new releases. This year has been particularly active as there has been an absolute flurry of new records coming out, so it is kind of tough to keep up with sometimes, but when the mood strikes and when there is time, I’m writing.”

The Buddha Den has also taken on a new look this year, as the Web site underwent a complete redesign. Melton commented, “Yeah, (the Web site is) pretty fancy now, and doesn’t look like a generic blogspot anymore.”

This year has also brought some changes to Melton professionally as he has taken the Primary Booking Agent position at South Park Tavern. He said, “that afforded me a lot more opportunities to do the booking that I’ve wanted to do because the last few years I’ve been hosting shows wherever I could get a venue, and sometimes that wouldn’t work out because you are kind of at the mercy of whatever is available. Before, a lot of the shows I’d host were ‘The Buddha Den Presents’ or ‘The Buddha Den Showcase,’ but it was sort of like an Independent Contractor situation. But now since I’ve taken this position… I’m the one booking the shows… it has afforded me more opportunities to bring in touring bands and is a more stable situation because I know I have a lot more dates to work with.”

Melton truly is passionate about Dayton’s music scene. His goal with The Buddha Den has always been, and will continue to be, about getting music from Dayton heard by people outside of the city, as well as connecting Dayton musicians with other artists. As he approaches the third anniversary of The Buddha Den, Melton looked back over the past few years, “(The Buddha Den) is truly a labor of love but it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve met a lot of great people as a result of deciding to do this one thing…I’ve been a musician in Dayton for almost 20 years, but it really wasn’t until I started doing this that I got to know a lot of other musicians in Dayton and got to learn really about the depth of music that is here…It really seems like putting this kind of spotlight on bands has motivated and inspired them to do more of what they’re doing and it has definitely enabled me and other people to see bands that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Making more music and meeting more people is what the Buddha Den is all about.”

The Buddha Den 3rd Anniversary Show will be held Saturday, September 4 at South Park Tavern, 1301 Wayne Ave. Father’s Day, The Minor Leagues and Roley Yuma will perform. Music begins at 10 p.m. The show is for all ages and has a $5 cover. To learn more about the Buddha Den visit To get a preview of the bands playing anniversary show check out Father’s Day at, The Minor Leagues at and Roley Yuma at

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