40 oz. fight

A woman was hanging out with friends when they all decided to buy some beer. She knew the group usually shared their beer, but the woman thought she’d buy a beer all for herself this time. She flip-flopped on whether she wanted a 24 oz. or 40 oz. beer, but finally decided on the 40 oz. When she came out of the store and started drinking, one of her friends wanted to share her beer. Confused, the woman denied him. They fought over the beer until the man grabbed it and threw it on the pavement near her. She thought he missed on purpose because he was exceptionally apologetic afterward, but she got on her bike and rode off in a storm of rage anyway. She went to report the incident to the police, because who needs friends like that?


Bent out of shape

A man called the police to report vandalism on his property. An officer arrived and noted it looked like a car had smashed the garage door. Nothing seemed to be missing from the garage, but the car inside had been damaged when the garage door was smashed from the outside. The owner wasn’t happy about the incident, and like his door, he couldn’t easily function and move on.


It’s a boyfriend/girlfriend thing

A woman went to her ex-boyfriend’s place to retrieve her car. She had allowed him to drive the car when they were dating, but the vehicle was in her name, and after the breakup she wanted it back. On the drive to her ex-boyfriend’s place, she saw him driving a different car in the area. The woman was driving in her aunt’s car, so she didn’t think he’d recognize it and decided to follow him. After some time, he noticed her and pulled his car over to the side of the road, exited the vehicle, and grabbed a rock to throw at her aunt’s car. Furious, she followed her ex-boyfriend back to his house to have it out with him. He claimed he no longer had the keys to her car, which is why he was driving a different one. He said she’d have to tow her car if she wanted it back. Their fight drew the attention of a neighbor. The neighbor called the police and asked for help, saying this was a classic “boyfriend/girlfriend dispute.”


Not so silent treatment

An officer arrived to address a report. The officer found the initial caller, but the caller decided to give the officer the silent treatment. Since the caller wouldn’t respond to the officer, the officer decided to investigate the area. The report said that a woman was blocking the alleyway and, instead of moving, decided to yell. The officer turned around the corner of the alley. The officer discovered the woman and she started screaming at him. The yelling woman said that the silent man was her boyfriend and they just had an argument. She then claimed her boyfriend exited the vehicle and found nearby bricks to throw at her car. The officer realized that these two had serious communication issues; one talks too much and the other doesn’t talk at all.


Cool down, man

A woman had a bone to pick with her brother. She claimed her brother should be more invested in his child’s life. Feeling attacked, he thought her accusations were unfounded. The woman mentioned how she took care of his child all day while he was out having fun. He thought that having a little fun all day long while leaving his child alone was perfectly acceptable. Angered, the brother decided to pour water on the woman. He started knocking random objects over in a fit of anger and lightly damaged a coat hanger. Appalled, the sister called the police to see if they could settle the score.

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