Playing chicken

Two sisters were arguing when one sister decided to leave. She got into her car, but hesitated in leaving. The sister looked at her sister standing on her apartment steps. She then decided to put her car in drive to start creeping up towards the apartment. The sister stood her ground. The sister driving pushed it more and rolled up onto the front yard aiming her vehicle at the sister. The sister on the steps decided to retreat inside her apartment. The driving sister knew that cars beat humans, so she had the upper hand and decided to stop her vehicle and exit to yell at her sister. The apartment sister went inside to call police, so the sister driving the car evacuated the premises after her stunt.

The reek of sisterhood

A woman went to the grocery store, bought her needed items, and returned to her residence. She went inside the residence when she arrived to unload her items. After some time, she came back outside and saw a white grocery bag on her windshield. As the woman approached, she discovered the bag to be full of what appeared to be human stool. Disgusted, she called police and told officers that she suspected her sister to be the culprit. The woman guessed that her sister was mad at her for taking too long to move out of the sister’s apartment.

Family feud

A man invited a woman, who he considered to be like a daughter, over to his place. She brought over her new husband so that he could meet the man. This man recently received a payment and decided to place it in his trusty money suitcase to pay rent. The woman watched him do this and acted casual. The man went to the bathroom and when he came out, his money was missing. He and the couple helped him search for it until the well-known woman offered to cut his hair while her new husband looked for it. After the haircut, the couple left in a hurry. Before the woman left, she claimed she was going dancing to make his money back. The man contacted the couple later and heard nothing back, so he called the police. He had no other information for officers except names and that the woman has been caught stealing before. Officers were confused that he didn’t know more details since she was like a daughter to him, but then they determined that the suitcase man was only trying to keep his enemies closer.

Attack of Cincinnati

A woman casually went with her friend to a house earlier in the day. After some time, her and her friend were shocked when her friend was told he could no longer live there. The friend was kicked out and not happy, so he accused the woman of being the cause of why he was kicked out. In his anger, he hit the woman. She fled from the scene and called police to report the assault. When she called, she reported that Cincinnati had assaulted her. Police were confused on how a city could assault a person, but she quickly specified that her friend’s nickname is Cincinnati and she wasn’t aware of his real name. With that cleared up, officers were able to create their report much easier.

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