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As if delivering pizzas wasn’t already a hard enough job in the winter, a young man found himself at the tail end of a counterfeit scandal when a woman paid him with a fake 100 dollar bill that’s only use was good on a movie set. When the man noticed the trickery, he asked for the pizza back, only to watch the woman race off into the night.

We have sex here regularly

A Dayton resident came home from his 9 to 5 to discover a missing PlayStation 4. He suspected his on- and-off-again girlfriend of 18 years to be the culprit, after discovering the left behind, light blue purse at the scene of the crime. The purse, which had been absent when he left for work, belonged to the only other person aware of the spare key in the mailbox, besides the man and his son. However, when called and questioned her about the missing PlayStation, the girlfriend told the man that she did not take it.

A bait and snatch

A woman and her boyfriend went out for a round of drinks. While at the bar they were approached on either side by one black male and one white male. The woman stated that the black male began to start a fight with her boyfriend; distracted by the altercation, the woman failed to notice that her pink wallet was no longer sitting on the bar. She suspected the white male swiped it during all the excitement, because as soon as the wallet was gone, the white male and the black male left the bar together.

Denial is a girl’s best friend

Two friends found themselves at odds when a bottle of prescription sleeping pills seemingly emptied itself with no explanation. The woman with the prescription stated that her friend regularly visits, but on this particular occasion she disappeared into the kitchen for some time. After her friend left the apartment, the woman went to take her pill and found all of them were missing. Two days later, her friend visited again only to fall asleep on the couch and appear uncoordinated, according to the woman both sleepiness and lack of coordination are side effects of her prescription. The friend has also now left the building to visit her son outside of Dayton, taking the pills along.

Just trying to make a friend out of you

A couple living in Dayton came home to a missing TV, after the girlfriend forgot to the lock the door. The man claims that the thief is a prostitute with one name that had once tried to befriend his girlfriend. When asked to describe the woman in question he provided the police with, “a Hawaiian complexion with long, black hair.” The woman still has no last name, and nothing else has been taken.

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Megan Garrison
Megan Garrison grew up in the small town of Lampasas, Texas, spending her time immersed in Ernest Hemingway novels and dreaming of being a journalist one day. Now she attends the University of Dayton and is hard at work studying to be a war-time correspondent. Though she is very goal oriented and works hard to achieve her dreams she also loves to have a little fun. She DJs her own radio show on Flyer Radio and makes it a point to attend great movies and local concerts. But her greatest love will always be books.

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