Grease lightning

Within a few moments of entering her work vehicle, one woman knew she had to contact the authorities. A few days ago, the woman entered her City of Dayton worker’s pickup truck to find it had been broken into. The police quickly arrived at the scene to inspect this car and they found various items had been taken out of the glove compartment and scattered across the inside of the vehicle. The cops also recognized significant hair grease on the driver’s seat headrest as well as a significant amount of cigarette ashes inside a cup below the center console. In the report, the most riveting moment was when the cops realized that “the driver’s seat was also significantly leaned back…” Although there were no signs of forced entry, someone in the Dirty DYT had a grand old time that night in a city owned pickup truck.


A few weeks ago, an officer was dispatched on a “rock complaint” and although one might think it was a complaint about one of the best genres of music, it was not. The officer arrived on scene to a local linen company located just below a train track. The victim explained to the officer how several dents showed face on his minivan. The victim believes that someone threw rocks from the train track into the parking lot inevitably damaging his car. That’s right ladies and gents, it wasn’t raining cats or dogs, but rather large rocks pelting cars from the sky! The damage not only dented the vehicle but also chipped paint off of the vehicle and damaging the trim.

Robin hood

Recently, in a senior citizen complex in our friendly and loving city, a man contacted the police on a theft complaint. The elderly man believes that his wheelchair was stolen from him. Right out from under his nose. His all black wheelchair adorned with classic black wheels was left in the lobby of the complex below the resident’s mailboxes. It was realized that the stolen wheelchair had become the topic of the resident’s speculation. The residents believe it was “Robin”, a heavy-set woman who also lived in the complex, is the perp of this heinous crime. The police are looking into security footage. Birds of a feather may flock together but certainly not at this senior citizen complex.

Ricky business 

Just last week a local man returned home from work looking for a little something to take the edge off. You guessed it! Video games. However, this man’s evening took a sour turn when he realized the thing he loved most in this world, his pride and joy, his everything was gone. His PlayStation 4 had left the building. He frantically called the police on a burglary complaint. The victim had been gone for two days on a trucking job so his roommate was the only one living in the residence at the time of the burglary. There was something strange about this incident, only the PlayStation 4 was taken…and not the several flat screen TVs the man possesses in his home. When police arrived on the scene they took an in-depth check of the residence when all of a sudden, the man’s neighbor “Ricky” appeared. The man believes “Ricky” took his PlayStation 4 to pawn it for quick cash. The victim knew that “Ricky” had a key to his house that the previous owner gave him and “Ricky” makes his money from pawning various items.

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