It’s a bird! It’s a plane! 

No, it’s a bike locked to a tree! That’s right folks, just a couple days ago police were called when a man realized his bike had been taken from the tree outside his home. The complainant had returned home from work just like any other day and locked his bike to a tree branch right outside his door in the backyard. Around midnight he went outside and realized his bike was gone! The perps of this crime tore off the entire branch of the tree and severely damaged the trunk in the process of removing this bike from the tree. This Giant brand mountain bike price at $600 was secured to the tree with a U-shaped metal lock. The perps should feel poorly about not only taking this bike, but damaging its home, the tree.

Quick “pick me up”

Just last week at a local convenience store, a cashier contacted the police on a suspicious person. When the police arrived on scene, the complainant was no longer there, however on the phone they described a large male in a tank top pacing around cars in the parking lot adjacent to the store. The complainant further stated that the suspicious male and a woman with him wearing red shoes stole from the store. This convenience store and gas station combo notorious known for their delicious ice creams were able to provide the officers on call with surveillance footage of the store. Out of all the items in the store the male could have taken, he chose one precious item…pure liquid gold in the form of a $2.99 can of Starbucks double-shot coffee. This man may have needed a quick pick me up the day he placed that coffee down his shorts, but he will need it more when the police contact him for the damages.

Party house

Just under a month ago, a woman contacted the police when she realized two cars had been precariously removed the morning after she went out for a fabulous night on the town. (One of the cars unfortunately being her own). The woman realized the cars were missing when she left for work the morning after the party and the cars had disappeared. She told the police how she parked her vehicle right outside her apartment building, in her designated parking spot. After work, she went to a DJ party a few miles from her home at a popular club. She must have really gotten her boogie on because she told the police she was unable to remember if license plates were on her car that the time she believes the cars were taken. She was unable to provide any further information at that time. The police are on the lookout for a Ford Escape and an additional unidentified vehicle.

Casper, the fashionable ghost

A woman came home from work to realize something was a little off. She immediately contacted the police when she noticed the furniture in her living room had been completely rearranged! A few days before, she had been packing to move to another apartment. When she got home from work that day, it seemed as if there was nothing out of the ordinary, her door was still locked and there were no signs of forced entry. Could there have been an interior decorating ghost inside of her home? Maybe not. The only item that seemed to be missing from her residence was a “Hollywood style” mirror with flashing lights valued at $580.00. A glamorous ghost with a knack for interior decorating? Probably not, but the police are on the case.

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