No one is available to take your call…

…please leave your message after the tone, was all anyone could hear if they tried to call this victim last week. A woman contacted the police about her broken cell phone. The victim and a so-called “friend” got into a hearty dispute about money. The victim’s friend then grabbed her cell phone and smashed it onto the ground. When she picked up her phone the screen was severely cracked and the phone would not turn on. Then, in a flash, the friend’s mother picked up the phone in an attempt to “fix it” when the victim later noticed that she walked away with her phone! The victim told the police she thinks the phone is either lost or the mother took but one thing is for sure, over the holidays, it’s best not to fight about money.

Receiving an “F”

Last week the police were contacted to a bus station downtown. The staff at the bus station told the officers on duty that evening to meet them at bay “F.” Once the officers got to the bay they made contact with the staff and the victim. Earlier that evening the victim, a middle-aged man, was followed into the bus station by another male (although his identification remains unknown), The unknown man proceeded to damage the plastic gate sensor cover by breaking it off and throwing it to the ground in a way that would remind me of a two-year-old having a horrible temper tantrum. There was one true eye-witness to the crime, a man sitting on the floor nearby. When the cops approached him to talk about the case they noticed the man was heavily intoxicated…a major fail on his part…but the police questioned him and remain on the case to find the unknown man who did this damage.

Don’t take that tone with me

Officers were dispatched to a scene with reports of a stolen car. The victim answered his door and let the cops inside his residence. The police officers began to question him about the vehicle, including general field questions but one in particular made him rather upset. The officers asked him whether or not he knew what time he parked his car in front of his residence. The man told them in a very exasperated tone, that no, he in fact did not check the time every time he parks his car. So, the cops quickly changed the subject and proceeded to ask him when he noticed the car was missing. The man noticed the car was gone when he woke up and looked outside at 11 a.m. That’s when the cops asked him if the car has been taken prior to the incident. In a sudden change of events, the car had been stolen before…when he let a local drug dealer rent his car for $25 to pick up prostitutes. One day when the drug dealer didn’t pay he reported the car stolen. With this sudden change of information, the police began their search for the stolen car.

All hung up

A man contacted the police just a few days ago, regarding stolen property taken from his vehicle. The man showed the police his car (which he likes to park in the grass patch next to his home) and continued to show the police officers how the passenger’s side door has now become completely detached from the car only hanging by a few wires. He also showed the officers how the rear glass panel of the car had been left opened by the perp. The man told the police how he previously “used hangers to open windows” in his vehicle prior to the incident which he believes is how the perp got in this time. Although the car was left locked at night, several items were taken from the car and a drastic amount of damage was left. The most notable items taken were: a child’s blue huffy bicycle, and a large tool set he uses for work. The cops took photos of the vehicle and the damage and are on the case.

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