Street art?

Local police were called to the scene just a few days ago. Two men were spotted in an alleyway looking suspicious. Suddenly the two men pulled spray paint cans out of their pockets and began their work. The video surveillance of the building shows multiple angles and locations where the two men tagged this building. After reviewing the security footage, the building owner immediately contacted the police to file a formal vandalism report. As seen in the footage, both males appeared the be in their 20s, one was tall and lanky, the other a little more heavyset. Both of the men wore the same hoodie but one wore a ball-cap as well. The men after completing their “task” quickly left the scene. The two men left their spray cans as well. These wannabe Banksy are still at large!

Zip a de doo da!

A woman contacted the police last week complaining that her license plate was stolen! The police quickly made contact with the victim. The woman explained to the officer how she had parked her car on the street directly in front of her house. She described how that day she came home from work to find that the front license plate on her car had been taken. Then…the woman told the officers how her license plate was securely fastened to the front of her car using zip ties! That’s right you heard it here…she used zip ties to securely fasten her plate to the front of her car! We surely hope that zip ties don’t become the latest trend in securing license plates to cars!

Portable gamer

A few weeks ago, officers were called on a theft complaint. When police arrived on the scene they met the victim, a large middle-aged man who told them that his car had been broken into and several items were missing. The man told the police how he had driven to a local event venue to watch a concert. He had locked his door before leaving the vehicle. After the concert, he came back to his car and realized… the driver’s side window had been smashed in, pieces of glasses were scattered everywhere in the car. The man frantically told the police how his backpack was missing! His backpack contained his prized possessions: a Nintendo switch with a white protective cover, a few Nintendo switch games, and his work keys! The in-car radio was also missing as well as envoy lowering springs from the cargo compartment of the vehicle. A formal report has been issued for this incident but there is no suspect information sadly at this time.

Ring ring…hello?

Just before Halloween, an officer on duty received a call of a theft complaint. The cop arrived on scene to discuss what happened with the caller. The victim…a young woman told the officer how she was allowing a friend to stay with her in a time of need. The woman’s friend asked her if she could borrow her cell phone (a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime worth $150) to contact her mom to tell her where she was. The friend left the building to stand outside to talk to her mom but never came back inside! The victim tried desperately to get in contact with her when a mutual friend known as “Charity” told the victim how her close friend sold two phones to the cell phone kiosk at Wal-Mart. The victim was able to contact the Wal-Mart kiosk and locate her cell phone…however she wanted to file a report on the incident. There is nothing further to report at this time.

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