What a mouthful

A couple fighting over dentures? Believe or not in a local residence a boyfriend kept his girlfriend’s dentures hostage. Earlier that day the woman went to visit her boyfriend at his house, left his house, and realized she forgot her dentures at his place of residence. She realized she left her upper dentures while she was out with her brother. She stated that she was not out to impress any men so she was ok without them for the evening and thought she would pick up her dentures later that night. The boyfriend was upset that she went out and decided to refuse to give the dentures back to his girlfriend. Could he have wrapped the dentures in a paper towel or stomped on them in the driveway? She certainly thinks so! You could say this boyfriend took a bite out of this relationship! This relationship certainly got gummed up!

If the shoe fits

In a local home, three pairs of designer sneakers and some articles of clothing were stolen from a man who works at a shoe store. The man claims it was their maintenance man that stole his new kicks, but there was no sign of forced entry. He stated that he knows the size of someone’s feet just by looking at them.  Using his special “gift” he told the officer that the maintenance man in question has the same size shoe size as himself. The man’s mother stated to the officer that the maintenance man has been acting shady recently, and she only knows that her son’s new pairs of shoes and a few articles of clothing are missing. This maintenance man with strange behavior might have committed the crime…hey, if the shoe fits!

The white elephant in the room

At a local restaurant a woman gave her son her phone to purchase their dinner since she kept her credit card and other identification cards in her phone case. The son placed the phone on the corner of the table nearby while ordering. The woman realized after leaving the establishment that her phone was still inside. The woman and her son went back into the restaurant and the phone was nowhere to be found. Although she did not have the serial number for the phone she remembered that the phone had a flip style case with a white elephant on it. The woman stated that inside the phone case was a credit card and her driver’s license.

Are you in good hands?

One afternoon a man was on his way to the gym when he noticed a red brick had been thrown through the back window of his car. The window was completely shattered and the brick was still left in the back seat. This specified red brick was an important detail that he pointed out to the dispatched officer. Although there is no suspect information at the time we do know one thing, the car owner specified his insurance company, Allstate.

Ring around the Rosie

One lazy afternoon a woman noticed the neighborhood kids playing ding-dong ditch at her house and causing a ruckus. Later that evening the night patrol officers in the area were observant of her car parked in the driveway. Curiously, the woman went outside to take a look at her car that was now covered in spray paint. The paint covered the doors of the car and the windshield. The officers noticed the spray can next to the car left by the vandals, empty, and punctured. The woman told the officers about the local juvenile children that were causing a disturbance earlier that day. The officers then spoke to the children who stated that they in fact did not vandalize the property, or play ding-dong ditch on their neighbors, but spent the day playing monkey in the middle in the side yard.

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