A game of telephone

Last week, on a particularly scorching hot afternoon, a man was driving his ex-girlfriend home. The two had been broken up for about a month, but he wanted to help her move to another house. She had previously been living at a relative’s house. As the man parked the car at her new residence, the woman began to conjure up a scheme. He began to exit the vehicle when, suddenly, the woman grabbed his cell phone from the cup-holder in the center console and bolted inside the house, locking the door behind her. Later that day, the man began to receive prank phone calls from various unknown numbers—all, he believes, from the same woman trying to disguise her voice. Although this is still speculation, he believes it to be his ex-girlfriend, who has a history of stealing from him in the past. The man’s son also began to receive texts and calls from various numbers regarding the stolen property. If you know the identity of this prank caller, please be sure to make like Travis Scott and pick up the phone to let our local boys in blue know.

Midnight snack

A few weeks ago, a car was broken into at a local residence. The sedan was parked by the curb in front of the house. There was so sign of forced entry, so the car most likely was left unlocked. The thief stole the change out of the cup-holders and left half a bag of chips on the floor of the car in the passenger’s seat. Although there is no suspect information at this time, a report was shared to alert the neighborhood to lock cars when not in use.

Hook-up or hold-up?

Last week a man left his apartment to go to the gas station by his home to pick up a pack of cigarettes. When the man got to the gas station, he was about to walk in to buy his pack of cigarettes when a woman interrupted him. They had a brief conversation and then he invited her to his apartment. When they arrived at the apartment, he went to the bathroom to “freshen up.” When he re-entered the living room of his apartment where he had left the woman, she was gone. The man frantically searched his apartment to see if anything had been stolen. The only item stolen from his residence was his pistol that he hid under the couch cushions. The police are testing the evidence she left behind on a Coke bottle she brought to the apartment but the question still remains: was this meant to be a hook-up or a hold-up?

Piggy bank

At a local residence, someone broke into a garage. The man who lives at the residence reported that several items were taken out of the garage. The burglar stole the man’s lawn mower, his toolbox, and $200 in quarters. Could this robber be starting his own lawncare business? Or could he merely be trying to fill his childhood piggy bank?

Road-trip snack pack

Just a few short weeks ago, a large man entered a convenience store near his home. The man walked into the store and stole a 20-oz. bottle of Coke and a few packages of beef jerky. Later that day, he stole another 20-oz. bottle of Coke and a few more packages of beef jerky. Could this robber be planning a road trip with these convenience store goodies? Who knows? But one thing is for sure: this man now has some great afternoon snacks. If you know who this snacker could be, don’t hesitate to send in a tip!

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