Slash and dash

Taking the overused and overdone tactic of the “dine and dash” to a whole new level… a local woman parked her car in a parking garage so she could meet some co-workers for lunch. However, upon returning to her car she stated that her car was not “sitting right.” The employees of the parking garage tried to fill up the air of the tires but had no luck. The victim believes that her tires were slashed. There are no suspects at this time due to a lack of security footage for the parking garage. However, if you know who could have just gotten up and left in the middle of their entrée to slash some tires… send in your tip to the police.

Too hot to handle

A few weeks ago, it was hot and I mean HOT outside… the kind of summer days when you can’t go without an ice-cold beverage. Our perp entered a local convenience store to grab himself an ice-cold drink. The man was middle aged and had shoulder-length dreadlocks. The man was wearing a gray T-shirt and black shorts as well. After he entered the store he approached the cooler, reached in, and pulled out an unknown but knowingly very cold beverage and placed it down his shorts. The security cameras in the store also caught him perusing the section with phone chargers although it is unknown at this time if he took any. The man then dashed out of the store into a white getaway car. If you know who the thief with a little too much heat in his shorts may be… contact the police ASAP.

Serial thief

Three times within the past week change has been stolen from the center consoles and dashboards of various vehicles in the same neighborhood. The perp never damages the cars—no broken windows or other items taken from the cars—just spare change. If you know the person who suddenly has a full piggy bank of spare change, send a tip to the boys in blue.

Chicken coup

In a local home a man was astonished when he came home from work to find someone had vandalized his property. He evaluated the perimeter of his home and found that someone had screwed in a handle underneath one of his windows. The owner of the home has cameras that will send suspicious activity alerts to the police department. The police located the handle on the home, and there is very little property damage. However, the man is very anxious that someone has horrible intentions toward his chickens. The man has several chickens and believes that someone could now be poisoning or possibly even planning to hurt his chickens! Don’t let this man go one more day without knowing who could be hatching a scheme to hurt his precious chickens, and contact the police about who could have planted this handle on the home.

Not the Flash

Last week a man ran inside his apartment to grab a couple items from the kitchen and left his bike with his 8-year-old son outside the apartment complex. A few minutes later the man came back outside and the bike was gone! He immediately contacted the police, and then his son regretfully told him how a man took the old White Mountain bike. The officers on call talked to the young boy about the incident, and the only thing the boy could remember was that the man was wearing a red shirt. Although this man in red was no speedy super hero… he sure got away quickly. The police are still on the lookout for this man in red! If you know who this bike thief may be, send in your tip!

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