On the run from a BB gun

At a local historical park just a few days ago, a large truck was parked overnight in the parking lot adjacent to the park. When the owner of the truck returned in the morning to retrieve their vehicle…it had several puncture wounds covering most of the body of the truck. The owner believes these puncture wounds would have been caused by none other than a BB gun. The owner of the truck also told the responding officer that one of the nearby homes had also been pelted by BB guns a week before the incident. There are no suspects at this time, but the police are on the lookout for the possible pelting perps.

50 cents short

At a local fast food restaurant one of the employees came in off-duty. The man sauntered in with his cane and asked the other employees if they could sneak him a cup of Pepsi. The employees on duty told him they couldn’t and that made him furious. He then proceeded to ask for water when the other employees told him they charge 50 cents now for a cup of water. He became rather irate and began to angrily wave his cane in the air like he just didn’t care. He ran around the inside of the restaurant scaring customers and the employees. The man ran outside and smashed a window with his cane and continued to charge around the restaurant until the responding crews came on the scene to arrest and transport him to Miami Valley Hospital due to his medical conditions impairing his judgment. No charge is currently being pressed by the restaurant, but the police are recommending treatment for this hash-slinging, Pepsi-demanding man.

Cut and run

At a very loved hair salon in our beautiful city a man stole…a haircut. The boys in blue responded to a theft complaint at the salon soon after the incident. Earlier that day a man walked in, signed his name, and sat down for a haircut. The customer left to go to his car to get his wallet to pay for the haircut but alas, he never returned. The hair stylist realized that they recognized the man from another salon where he was an employee. However, the man signed his name with a pseudonym rather than his actual name. The hair stylist was able to do a search on Facebook and was able to find the real name of the perp. The police are in the process of collecting the money for the haircut. The employee was able to detangle the evidence, and we hope the police can give the perp a rather perm punishment.

A slap in the face

Last week a woman was in need of help in her neighborhood. The woman was on her way to work, and she stopped along the way to ask how to get better Wi-Fi on her phone from other people who lived in the area. After talking to a few different residents, she came across a woman. This woman was younger than she and had her hair shaved on one side, and the remaining hair was partially dyed rather bright colors. After asking this woman how to get better Wi-Fi on her phone, she proceeded to go on her way and placed her phone in her pocket. The young woman stopped her, slapped her hard across the face, and took her phone right out of her pocket. The victim has seen this woman in the area before so the police believe she may be able to identify her attacker. At this point in time no arrests have been made, but the woman hopes that her phone will be located soon…hopefully with better Wi-Fi.

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