Major key

Last weekend a local couple was watching TV in their living room, having a relaxing evening, when suddenly the woman realized that two men in their late twenties were standing next to their Chevy truck parked on the street in front of their home. The woman thought this was slightly suspicious so she went outside to confront them. The two men were wearing orange and black hoodies with baggy blue jeans. As the woman approached them they ran from the scene. The woman fled back into her home and her husband contacted the police. When the police arrived on scene they recognized several markings on the car…various marking made by keys. Were these two men actually overgrown 12-year-olds? Only time will tell since criminal property damage has been filed.

Charged up

In a local home a man arrived home from work when he realized something wasn’t right. He checked his home and noticed that several padlocks and doors had been broken. Upon further inspection inside his home he found several miscellaneous items missing. The police on call recorded the various missing items to include: six wheelchair batteries, various pieces of metal, and a CB radio. The homeowner insisted that no other responding crews arrive on scene.

Smoke break

Just a few short weeks ago, a drive-thru convenience store was having a rather slow day. All of a sudden, like a tornado blowing through…two perps ran through the store and grabbed 70 cartons of cigarettes from various brands including Marlboro and Salem brand cigarettes. Each perp initially arrived on scene in their own getaway cars. During this cigarette raid they filled plastic Tupperware with the cigarette cartons and yelled at each other to “hurry up.” When the two perps fled the scene, they separated and went separate directions away from the convenience store. The two perps left an incredible amount of evidence at the scene of the crime.

Bad day at the office

A local couple who works together at a historical park and venue had a rather off day last weekend. The girlfriend got into an incredibly heated argument with their boss. This prompted the boyfriend to escort her to his car parked outside the venue. The boyfriend went back inside to have a discussion with their boss…leaving her in the car alone. The girlfriend hopped into the driver’s seat and drove off. An alert was sent out for the car minutes after she drove away and a warrant has been placed for her arrest. Although there is nothing further to report at this time…stay on the lookout for a silver Altima.


At a local baseball field a man was sitting on the sidewalk and his bike was leaning up against the fence next to him. The man began to have issues with his health and thankfully a bystander stepped in and called emergency services. Soon after an ambulance arrived and took the suffering man to the hospital, the good Samaritan told the man he would lock up his bike where it was so he could recover stress-free in the hospital. When the man was released was the hospital…he returned to the baseball field to find that his bicycle was gone. His black paramount bicycle, with a slightly broken seat, had been taken from this ill man. So keep yourself in high gear and remain on the lookout for this man’s beloved bike.

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