In a local park, police were dispatched to the crime scene. A woman called the police when she realized her personal items were taken from the inside of her vehicle. The police did not see any evident damage done to the vehicle…however she may not be able to catch her flight! Among the items taken from the vehicle the ones that were of the utmost importance include: her passport, various purses, and a flight attendant’s manual! One may say in this situation she is a flightless bird…but don’t worry the boys in blue are going to catch this wanderlust traveling thief!

Thief in the night

At a local convenience store, the night manager of the establishment contacted the local police regarding a theft. A woman had entered the store about an hour before the call, for she was in dire need of some groceries. The night manager knew the woman because she was a regular customer in the store. The woman asked the manager for a bag to place her grocery items in as she walked around the store. However, after she placed everything she wanted into the bag she quickly left the store without the manager noticing! The manager was skeptical about the whole situation so he reviewed the security footage and gave it to the police so they can locate this local grocer’s nightmare.

It’s always sunny 

In a local gas station, just a few weeks ago… two males and a female walked in in search of various goods to use that evening. As the two males walked through the store, the female had all her items and was checked out by the only cashier on duty. The first male was getting his items checked out when all of a sudden, the second male unexpectedly ran out of the store carrying two 36 packs of Keystone Light beer! The first male was in total shock as this happened and stayed with the cashier while she called the police. The female that walked into the store and the male thief had run off heading toward a local university. Although a party was a brewin’ it was no party for the cashier.

Polka dots

In a local restaurant, a female cashier was clocking out for the night. She was standing at the middle cash register during her shift. She placed her wallet adorned with black and white polka dots next to the register while she left to clock out. Within those few seconds while she turned her back on her wallet…the wallet has disappeared! The police are currently scanning footage of the fast food restaurant to find the suspect.

Landscape or escape

In a local historical park, a landscaping crew was hired to cut the grass. On a seemingly harmless afternoon while the crew was cutting the grass and trimming the hedges they noticed that lawn equipment had been taken out of their truck! The victim of this crime realized that various items of lawn equipment had been taken out of their truck! The victim also realized that two of the men on his crew had left early to go to another job. However, the victim trusts these men and is not accusing them of this crime. He also realized that their truck was parked near a campsite just before he noticed his items were gone! The victim took the investigation into his own hands prior to calling the police. He interrogated two women that he saw camping in the park but they refused to tell him their names. When the police arrived on scene they did not see anyone camping there and they want to locate the men on the crew.


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