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Sex, health and personal questions, in a room full of strangers

By Katie Christoff

Photo: Contini and team member Amber do an exercise at a Pure Romance training session

Lindsay Contini gets paid to talk about sex.

As a local consultant and team leader for Pure Romance, the world’s largest in-home party company specializing in sexual enhancement products, she gets to travel to different households and talk to women about sexual preferences and health (while showcasing some fun sex toys, too).

While this, admittedly, sounds like a pretty fun gig, it’s no secret that talking about sex can be awkward. This is especially true for Contini and her colleagues at Pure Romance, who are tasked with getting down to the nitty-gritty topics like sexual health, problems in the bedroom and making sex both safe and enjoyable—in a room full of strange faces, no less. Contini spoke with Dayton City Paper about how she gets women to open up to her and the importance of teaching women about their bodies.

How did you become involved with Pure Romance?

Lindsay Contini: I was in college when I was first asked to host a Pure Romance party, and I had no clue about in-home parties, but when the person talked to me about doing it I thought it sounded like fun. I had a party and I actually learned a lot. I went to a Catholic high school, so our health teacher wasn’t allowed to talk to us about condoms, birth control or contraceptives, and sexual health was sort of taboo. That’s what really impressed me about Pure Romance—I learned a lot about my sexual health and just in general.

What are some of your favorite parts of the job?

LC: The best thing, hands down, is one of the support system from the other reps. The other thing that’s really awesome is receiving compliments after a party. There’s nothing better than hearing people tell me at a party, ‘Thank you, you’ve really helped my relationship’ or ‘You’ve helped me understand my body better.’ There are so many women who think they’re alone in not being able to orgasm or not having an orgasm with their partner, but this helps them realize it’s not necessarily just them and there are things we can do to help them.

Talking about sex can be seen as taboo. How do you approach talking about sex with a roomful of strangers?

LC: It used to be awkward, but it’s not anymore for me. I think because I’ve been doing this for so long, it’s kind of become natural, but we do what’s called party planning with our hostesses, so the consultant will connect with them before a party. The consultant talks about party planning and how to get people excited. I generally do it with social media—I’ll create a private Facebook page for the girls, so they can get to know me. And then when I come into the party, it’s not so awkward. The other thing is that before the party actually starts, we’ll usually have a cocktail half hour with cocktails and appetizers, and I’ll go around and mingle with everyone then, too.

How do you get them to open up to you?

LC: I love that question. There are a couple factors that play into it. I truly believe that product and sexual health play a big part into that. I think the party setting makes a big difference, too. You’re at a girlfriend’s house, and that makes it a lot more comfortable than some random place. Everybody comes to a private ordering room [after my presentation] and they can ask me anything they don’t want to ask in front of the group. By the time we go to the ordering room, they feel more confident to ask questions in private.

Do you get a lot of personal questions?

LC: I do. A lot of ladies don’t know where their clitoris is, or haven’t had an orgasm. I had one lady ask about giving oral favors … [she] wanted to learn how to do it. It sounds really awkward, but it’s actually pretty easy to coach them and talk about different products we have that can help. I also think it’s true that women are more comfortable with women.

Tell me about the importance of talking about sexual health during these presentations.

LC: I’m a huge proponent of women’s sexual health. So [Pure Romance] has corporate training twice a year and brings in sexual health professionals and doctors who talk to us about female anatomy, male anatomy and how things affect them. This past April, we had a doctor come in and talk about how cancer affects women and their sex drive and how we can help these ladies. We also have a really great foundation, the Patty Brisben Foundation, which is the No. 1 sexual health organization in the country.

Do people ever have misconceptions about Pure Romance?

LC: A lot of people aren’t even willing to give me a chance to talk about my business. People view me as porn or something really gross and taboo, whereas I’m more sexual health education. I’m going to teach you about your body, and I’m going to teach you about how you and your partner can enjoy sex and get to know your body better.

For more information on Pure Romance or to host a party of your own, visit pureromance.com.

Reach DCP freelance writer Katie Christoff at KatieChristoff@DaytonCityPaper.com

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