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Vanity Theft Celebrate Release of Anatomy EP at Canal Street Tavern

By Kyle Melton

Vanity Thrft

In the boy’s club that is rock n’ roll, it’s always a challenge for the ladies to prove their mettle. The Dayton-based outfit Vanity Theft -guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Alicia Grodecki, guitarist/vocalist Brittany Hill, drummer Elyse Driskill, and bassist Lalaine- however, have proven themselves to be a formidable rock juggernaut over the past year, touring feverishly and recently releasing the high-energy Anatomy EP. We spoke with Grodecki from the road about the band’s busy year and their new EP.

Dayton City Paper:  How did Vanity Theft first come together? What were your experiences coming up through the ranks in the Cincy/Dayton area?

Alicia Grodecki: We first came together back when we were in high school. I was playing with another band at the time and Brittany happened to be at our show. She came up to me afterwards and asked if I wanted to come over and jam with them sometime. Obviously, I did. And the rest is history.

Our experiences coming up through the ranks in Dayton & Cincinnati involved a lot of not necessarily fitting in. When we first started playing out, hardcore music was huge in our area, so we oftentimes got put on bills with bands that sounded nothing like us. However, we realized that this was actually a good thing because it gave us the opportunity to stand out and make an impression. It was definitely trying at times, specially being an all-girl band in a scene that was (at the time) very testosterone-oriented. A lot of bands didn’t really want to “make friends” with us, but that just made it all the more meaningful when we did find our niche with both other musicians and new fans.

DCP:  Since the release of your debut, Post-Script, Pace Yourself, you’ve been increasingly busy spending lots of time in LA and touring heavily? How quickly did all these changes occur?

AG: Well, once our label [Vigilante Music/Adamant Records] came into the picture last November, the changes happened pretty much right away. However, we released Post Script almost a year before then, so it definitely took a little bit for the album to fall into the right hands. We played out a lot to spread the word about Post Script, as well as shot a music video and continued writing. All of these things helped us to be ready when the right people finally did come along.

DCP:  With the new Anatomy EP, you worked out in LA. Who did all the production work? How was the experience of recording and having the time to focus strictly on the new record? How do you feel about the results?

Our “band dad,” Josh Binder, is the one who did all of our production work. He’s the one who found us and had enough faith in us to take us on as a part of his label. The recording experience with this album was absolutely amazing. We got to record in some great studios and really had the time to focus and work together to make this album the best it could be. There isn’t one song on the new record that we aren’t one hundred percent proud of, so that is a very good feeling at the end of the day.

AG:  Since earning a spot on the Warped Tour a couple years ago, VF has gone into serious touring mode. How do you feel about touring so much over the last couple of years? What were some of the highlights over the past year?

We’ve really only been hitting it hard and consistently on the road since June of this year, so 2010 has definitely brought us to the next level as far as touring goes. Playing every night and touring this much has done so much for us beyond just making us a tighter band musically. Touring and having the chance to get to know other bands on the road has also taught us a lot. It’s been one huge learning experience. We got to play at the Roxy in LA over the summer, which was, by far, one of the best shows we’ve ever played. CMJ Music Fest in New York City was awesome too. We got to play Webster Hall with a handful of other really talented bands as well as explore the city for a couple days. And then, obviously, the release of our new Anatomy EP has been really exciting for us. It’s nice to finally put something out there and see that all of our hard work is paying off. We just released it last week and have already gotten lots of feedback on the new material. Also, our upcoming show in Dayton is sure to be a huge highlight for us. We haven’t played our hometown in almost six months now, so we’re beyond stoked to see all our family and friends again and have the chance to show them how far we’ve come.

DCP:  What else should people know about Vanity Theft circa 2010?

AG: Simply put? We are going to invade your city and rock your face.

Vanity Theft will celebrate the release of the Anatomy EP with a show on Friday, November 12 at Canal Street Tavern, 308 E. First St. Also on the bill are Bonneville, Jasper the Colossal, and Sick of Sarah. Doors open at 7 pm and admission is $5 for 18 & up. For more information, visit

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