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2013 local bands to watch

If you’ve spent any time observing the Dayton music scene and the bands that make the rounds therein, certainly you have an awareness that, like a Midwestern Fountain of Youth, Dayton music possesses an incredible ability to regenerate itself over time. With almost clockwork precision, new bands rise up and capture the attention and imagination of local music lovers. As we did last year [Feb. 21, 2012 Vol. 9, No. 8], Dayton City Paper music writers Tim Anderl, Kyle Melton, Zach Rogers and W.C. Ruffnel  offer up a rundown of a select group of new acts that will likely be making waves throughout 2013.

The 1984 Draft


Few Dayton musicians have enjoyed the opportunity to support as broad and diverse a list of nationally recognized musicians as The 1984 Draft’s vocalist Joe Anderl with his various projects over the past several years. The 1984 Draft – which includes powerhouse drummer Justin Satinover and studied axe-man Eli Alban – demonstrates another transformation in Anderl’s journey: to a passionate trio that channels alt-folk sensibilities through a ‘90s emo and hardcore lens.  The trio is currently recording The 1984 Draft debut album, Return to Tallboy Mountain, with a target release date in May 2013.  –TA



Not since the late ‘90s has pop-punk experienced a resurgence – yeah, pretend your Blink shirt still has the sleeves– and while the boys of Adventure don’t have the ironic-swagger to make it seem disingenuous like many of their Midwestern peers, they have the tunes and catchy no-frills bullshit to back it up. With their new album Best Friends to be released this month, be sure and check these guys out for a guilt-free pop-punk revisit.    – WCR


City of Kings

While the roots of City of Kings may lie in Marion, Ohio, they’ve been dragged halfway across the state and flourished in the fertile soil in Dayton. On their debut album The Foundation, the group delivered a garage/psych backdrop to vocalist Jake Rose’s haunting, reverb-drenched lines, resulting in a promising first offering. With a follow-up currently in the works, look for City of Kings to continue to make waves in Dayton over the next year. –KM [photo credit: Amanda Barbosa Photography]

Dear Fawn

Lately, Dear Fawn have been building a solid reputation by playing spirited live shows which display their mix of garagey rock n’ roll and quirky musical experimentation. Consisting of singer/keyboardist Tifani Tanaka, guitarist/keyboardist Tyler Bellingar, bassist/guitarist Kyle Melton and drummer Andy Smith, the band spent the latter half of 2012 recording songs for their debut EP entitled I Played the Queen, due out on Gas Daddy Go! Records this spring, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for fresh sounds coming soon to a stereo near you. –ZR [photo credit: Jordan Frei]

Grand Mammoth

All hail the fucking riff! While Dayton has been flirting with riff-a-mania for some time now, it should come as no surprise that a band referencing the hairiest and heaviest prehistoric animal (not shitting you – their album is going to be called Hairy And Heavy) happens to bring massive guitars back to our shitty local consciousness. The music sounds like it smells – like sweat, booze & weed. Stoner rock in your backyard, for your backyard. -WCR [photo credit: Arick Mittler]

King Elk

With so much of today’s folk referencing complete and total emo bullshit, it’s refreshing to hear a group actively seek psychedelic soundscapes as a complementary backdrop for one of the finest singer-songwriters in Dayton.  Having cut his teeth in the Pretty Punchers, Andy Smith ends up at his weirdest with King Elk – yet oddly at his most accessible. Their debut album Making Buildings Out Of Everything is not just for Dayton – it’s for everyone. -WCR


Tim Pritchard and the Boxcar Suite

Tender-hearted troubadour Tim Pritchard and his band The Boxcar Suite released It Shall Be Revealed in 2012. The album delivered a decade-defying zeitgeist of folk, rock n’ roll, pop and psychedelic sounds that showed allegiance to Sweetheart of the Rodeo-era Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Wilco and My Morning Jacket.   The band remains busy recording a new record with Shrug bass player Brian Lakatos and hope to start a second record with Darryl Robbins later in the year.   -TA

Riley is a band that knows how to grab your attention. With an array of influences, it’s truly hard to pin them down, making them one of the premier local acts to see live. With guitarist/singer Eric Bluebaum, bassist Joey Kirby, drummer Colin Pauley and multi-instrumentalist Chris Warman, Riley released their EP – The Cat of Nine Tails: Part One – earlier this year, the first in a three-part series. Based off that, 2013 should be anything but boring for this group.  –ZR 

Trey Stone

For 15 years, Trey Stone served as Musical Director at Chicago’s The Second City, which is basically the minor leagues for “Saturday Night Live.” It wasn’t long after relocating to Dayton in May 2011, that he began working on his self-produced “rock n’ roll-country-blues-funk-folk and stuff” album, Ahead of the Pack. Having assembled a remarkable cast of local players, Stone has been laying his tunes down at Dayton’s Cyberteknics Studios. Stone is anticipating a spring 2013 release date.  We’re anticipating a record that will knock the socks off of local music buffs.  -TA

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  1. fuuuuu February 26, 2013 at 10:47 pm #


  2. Spex Mcghee March 1, 2013 at 10:51 am #

    It must be nice to be able to put your own band in every list and issue you want. Most of the time my band can’t even get listed in the upcoming shows section… We were told by one DCP writer that if we wanted to be in the paper, we needed to let him know 2 MONTHS in advance, and even then, he couldn’t promise we would be in. I’m not playing the “poor me” card, I’m just saying that there are dozens of bands playing every week in Dayton, yet the only ones that get press are directly connected to the authors. The article begins “If you’ve spent any time observing the Dayton music scene…” THESE PEOPLE DO NOT GO OUT AND SEE SHOWS; they just write about their friends.

  3. Gregory A. Peck March 1, 2013 at 8:09 pm #

    Any musician desirous of press can learn a simple lesson in Dayton, especially if you happen to want GREAT press, the easiest and fastest route to achieve such a feat is to simply, get ready for this, become the press.

    Does this destroy the integrity of the reporting? If any of you are expecting to receive a certain breed of objective, professional, and/or ethical reporting you couldn’t be any further away from it than picking up the DCP. Advertising dollars are top priority, and I think the writers write solely for the interest of their careerism or some kind of further advancement or limelight.

  4. David Likens March 1, 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    I see all these people at shows. Sounds like the “poor me” card, Spex.

  5. Tim March 1, 2013 at 9:58 pm #

    Shocker: Bands on radar of writers for free, local alt-weekly get coverage on the two or three pages devoted to local music each week when there are dozens of events going on.

    Shocker: Bands or promoters that send press releases, emails, invites to shows garner coverage.

    Shocker: Bands gets butt-hurt over not being covered despite not exercising all available options to reach writers get overlooked.

    You are right Spex, what a disservice. Glad you pointed it out.

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