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Yellow Springs Art Stroll returns

By Kate E Lore
Photo: Exploring the creative side of Yellow Springs during the Art Stroll in October 2012

There is a place where many talented artists live within a close proximity to one another. This small spot on the map has grown into an amazing community where one can feed off another’s creative energy and people genuinely support each other’s projects. This is a free place where something ordinary and plain would stand out against the blossoms of creativity and playful invention.

On any typical day, you may walk through Yellow Springs and find a variety of exceptional artworks for sale by local vendors. You may also notice the time restraint due to limited hours of these stores. Well, for Yellow Springs Art Stroll you will not only find extra special artwork, some of which is made just for the occasion, but these stores will be open until 9 p.m., providing more time to shop.

Yellow Springs Art Stroll takes place Friday, June 14 from 6-9 p.m. This event will feature “would you, could you” In a Frame Miniature Show at 113 Corry St. Noodle Factory, a throwback rock band, will perform outdoors in the Art Park at 100 Corry St. at 6 p.m. Yellow Springs Arts Council will have a gallery opening reception from 6-9 p.m. at 111 Corry St. for Voices: Sculpture by Alice Robrish. In addition to all that, the Yellow Springs Pride Weekend Celebration, which will continue on Saturday and Sunday, kicks off with a Cocktail Party at The Winds Café 11 p.m.-2 a.m on Friday evening.

If you look at a calendar of Yellow Springs events or just happen to frequent the area, you may notice that this event falls one week after the Yellow Springs Street Fair – that is no coincidence.

“It’s always on the first Friday after Street Fair,” explained Karen Wintrow, Executive Director of the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce. “A couple of the shop owners got together and decided that because Street Fair had gotten so big that they wanted an event that focused a little bit more on the downtown shops. Street Fair is big – it has outside vendors. They wanted an event that was just for local businesses, so that’s when Art Stroll started.”

Art Stroll has been going on for 20 years, according to Wintrow. It happens every June and October, always following Street Fair. Each event offers something different as the artists produce different works, release different gallery shows and different musicians play every time.

There has been much excitement for the “would you could you” In a Frame Miniature Show. “Everything is really small and constricted to being within a frame,” explained Wintrow. “Everything is really wonderful and really affordable.”

Sherryl Kostic is the proprietor of the “would you could you” show. She is a local who owns a gallery and framing shop.

“It started as sort of a fun thing. I wanted to see what artists could do and how many artists I could pull in,” Kostic explained. “I started out with 5-by-7 inches and then said, ‘Well that’s not really a miniature. We’re going to go for a bigger challenge,’ which came to 2-by-3 inches and ever since then that’s what I’ve been doing. Now it’s a way for me to meet new artists. It’s a way for artists to be challenged.”

There are decent odds that you have encountered Kostic’s work before. However, chances to see the miniature show are a bit more rare.

“I do the Art Stroll twice a year in June and October,” Kostic said. “I’m part of the Art Stroll, but the miniature show I do every other year. So every odd year, I do a call out for artists to do something on 2-by-3 inches.”

With a town full of artists, of course there will be more than one cool show running this weekend. “The other big art opening is at the Yellow Springs Art Council Gallery. They will have a new show and a reception opening that night,” Wintrow said.

Voices: Sculpture by Alice Robrish is the show selected for this Art Stroll event. Alice Robrish makes sculptures in ceramic and papier-mâché. For some works, she uses the addition of found objects and integrates them into her creations. According to the Yellow Springs Art Council website (ysartscouncil.org), “Her work gives voice to important, timeless issues. She is currently focusing on the lives of the unsung with an emphasis on minorities and women. Alice Robrish taught ceramics and clay sculpture at her studios in Bethesda, Md., and Washington, D.C. for 25 years. She has exhibited her sculpture in numerous shows in the D.C. area, Chicago and Ohio. She moved to Yellow Springs in 2004 and maintains an active studio practice.”

Yellow Springs has always had fantastic artists. They have always had gallery events and artwork for sale. This event, however, has some special occasion creations and extended opportunities to enjoy them.

“The point is that the shops stay open until 9 p.m.,” said Wintrow. “It’s late-night shopping and entertainment. There will be live music at Peaches that always starts at 10 p.m. There will be live music and wine tasting at the Emporium and that’s from 7 to 10 p.m.”

Music and Art into the night, the Yellow Springs Art Stoll promises to be a cool evening. You can safely expect smaller crowds than the Street Fair while a few faces are sure to be familiar. This is an event with its spotlight focused on some well-deserved locals.

The Yellow Springs Art Stroll takes place Friday, June 14, from 6-9 p.m. For more information, please visit ysartscouncil.org. 


Learn more about Kate E Lore and see her web-comics and blog at KateELore.com. Kate can be reached at KateLore@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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