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Sleep Fleet celebrates release of Morris Drive at South Park Tavern

By W.C. Ruffnel

Sleep Fleet is a band that have been tooling around Dayton and surrounding areas for some time, making a name for themselves by not only being loud as fuck but playing wonderfully melodious and equally devastating punk songs. Their first effort, Good Morning Good Morning, revealed a band in complete and total control. Their soon­-to-be-released sophomoric effort, Morris Drive, will simply grab your arm and twist it with how fucking good it is. We wanted to talk to singer and guitarist Corey Montgomery about the new album and subsequent release show, so we called him. He was almost ready to chat.

Hello, Corey?

Don’t include the sex tape! –Corey Montgomery


Don’t mention the sex tape. -CM

You know this isn’t live, right?

Yeah… -CM

I’m just typing it as we speak.

Yeah, okay! Great! -CM

Who’s in Sleep Fleet right now?

Right now, uh, it’s a constant line up of me, Nick Shope (on bass) & Andre Vanderpool (on guitar). We’ve kind of been switching up drummers based on who’s available, but it’s been Shane Natalie. -CM

How would you describe your new album, Morris Drive?

A really fucking half-assed eleven songs that are somewhat good. -CM

That doesn’t sound promising.

(laughs) I don’t how to answer that question. -CM

Do you like it?

I…do! Which is surprising, cause I don’t like anything we make after we get it done.        -CM

I think it’s good.

Oh, well thank you! I really appreciate that. -CM

You seem nervous.

Oh…a little bit. -CM


I don’t know…it’s weird being asked about stuff I do. I’ll get over it. -CM

How was the recording process?

Equal parts fun, equal parts misery. Our original drummer decided to quit the band after we started to record it on our own since we didn’t have money to go into a studio. He came in and recorded all his drums in two hours – every drum track – then we recorded the rest of it on a shitty computer that broke down every 10 minutes. But that made it all the more rewarding. -CM

What are you guys gonna do to promote the album?

We are playing our CD release show at South Park Tavern in Dayton – we’ve already done a little bit. We launched a Kickstarter, which served as a pre-order. We only needed $200, and we did a digital pre-order to pay for mastering. We’ve got a video in the works, and also working on an EP, which we’ll hold off on for a little bit.

Can I change my answer? We’re going to smoke cigarettes to promote Morris Drive. Just kidding. Don’t put that. -CM

What are some of your influences?

For this album, I was listening to a shit-ton of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. I saw them and it was crazy energetic. Anything that sounds “big”f on the album is because I was listening to a ton of it. Also 60s garage rock – that’s my main influence. -CM

Does the rest of the band agree with that?

Um, I don’t know if they would – we’ve also been heavily influenced by the Dayton scene. We were writing the album most of the time we were playing shows. Definitely Astro Fang – we got a lot of influence in the track “Oh Oh Oh,” we got that in. Obviously Roley Yuma, we’ve been playing with them a lot. I like playing with bands I admire. It’s really cool. -CM

Are you happy with the record?

Uh, yeah. I’m quite happy with it. It’s hard to look at it in a non-objective way, but the few times I’ve done that I’ve been pretty happy with it. Everyone on the album did a really great job. I’m proud of all the friends I play with. They put their own spin on things I bring in – I couldn’t do it without them. A lot of memories with this one. Our guitarist, Andre, learned how to play guitar right before recording the album and I’m crazy happy with that.  He asked me to teach him to play, and I showed him a few chords. A few days later, he was recording three songs…and I was blown away. -CM

Tell me about Sept. 1at South Park Tavern.

Turkish Delights – they really sweet. They kinda disappeared for a minute – or maybe I did – but they’re awesome, and Joshua is the nicest person I know. Alli King is from Dayton and she’s opening the show, a really sweet piano artist – like if Fiona Apple were good. Print that – I don’t care who’s mad, including Alli. But it should be good, I’m looking forward to it. (inaudible) -CM

Sorry, I was sneezing.

Oh, you’re cool. Fucking terrible weather. I’ve had a sinus infection since we recorded the album. -CM

Sorry, I was also running up the stairs with a gin & grapefruit.

Oh wow! You’re living life! My family is from Kentucky, and they ate grapefruit like candy. I don’t know if that’s a stereotype, but they ate it constantly. -CM

I’m not sure it is.
Will you also print that the Internet sucks & I’m taking all of our songs down off of it? -CM

You’re not doing that.

I know.

Sleep Fleet will celebrate the release of Morris Drive with a show Saturday, Sept. 1 at South Park Tavern. Also on the bill are The Turkish Delights & Alli King. Admission is $5 for all ages. Doors at 9pm. For more information on Sleep Fleet, visit sleepfleet.bandcamp.com.

Reach DCP freelance writer W.C. Ruffnel at WCRuffnel@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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