Mad Anthony

Cincinnati’s Angriest Tonys Love This City

By W.C. Ruffnel

Sometimes, three folks are better than four. In the case of Cincinnati’s Mad Anthony, that’s clearly true. Having once had a bass, the now two-guitared-one-drumkit attack of these fellas is an exploration in the sonically sound and fucking-fist-pumping perversion of rock and roll. To see them live is an experience: illuminated amplification, rock-god postures and dreamboat harmonies. Imagine the Black Keys (with another guitarist) sounding nothing like the Black Keys, maybe sounding more like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with a touch of Black Sabbath — and damn, that’s blackened — but with the utmost touch of accessibility sprinkled over an actual rock and roll band. They’re coming to Dayton, to Blind Bob’s on May 18th, and before they get here, the Dayton City Paper decided to pick their brains. They’ve got things to say and boy, have they got jokes as well — but they “fucking love” our city … and they look like a bunch of tall, mad and handsome dreamboats. Lock up your sisters.

Who’s all in the band?

Ringo Jones on vocals, guitar and discipline, Adam Flaig on guitar, vocals and taking care of Marc, Marc Sherlock on drums, killing it and never shutting up … and never sleeping … and keeping Adam up by talking all night. [Mad Anthony]

You guys get around a lot. Where is one of your favorite places to play?

We like it all! But we have a good feeling about Idaho. Toronto is awesome, Lexington is like a second home, Indianapolis is growing on us, Chicago knows how to treat bands, Huntington can party harder than any other city, and we’ve never cared for Dayton … it smells like a paper mill. Just kidding … but seriously, what’s with the smell? We fucking love your smell. [MA]

In one of your songs you sing “We fucking love this city” as a seemingly innocuous ode to wherever you’re playing.  Are there any times you don’t fucking love that city?

We only play it in the cities we hate. Which is every city … we play it every show.

Are there any cities you particularly hate?

Dayton …. Dayton, Idaho. Dayton is a city in Franklin County, Idaho. The population was 444 at the 2000 census … it’s grown to 446 since 2000. [MA]

What are the plans for your new album?

Platinum$BitchesHoesWeed&Money$. This record is gonna come in your house and prima noctae your wife Braveheart style. The record is done. It’s in the van. Friends and family have it and love it. May 4th in Lima, Ohio, we’re selling this shit to the people. We’ve got a bunch of weekend warrior release dates all over the Midwest. June 1st we start the tour in Lexington. Cincinnati release is June 2nd, and then we’re going east through Pennsylvania and New York, then on to Toronto for North by Northeast and a bunch of Canadian dates. It’s gonna be awesome. And if it’s not, we’re just a bunch of liars. May 18th at Blind Bob’s, we’ll have this glorious anthological audio masterpiece to ruin your eardrums. [MA]

You’ve been recording in Canada — how’d that happen, and is recording colder better?

We played The Canadian Music Festival last March and it was basically the best experience we’d ever had up to that point. We made good friends with a band there called The Shanks and they took us out on the town and since then we’ve played Canada like a million times. Our friend Arthur wanted to live track some of our tunes and the final result was awesome, so we decided we’d have him mix the new record. [MA]

What’s the craziest shit that’s ever happened in the Mad Vanthony?

Anytime we let Marc in the van it gets pretty crazy … but we keep doing it. [MA]

What kind of shit can people expect when they come out to a Mad Anthony show?

They can expect to lose $5 … no refunds. Community Outreach. A head start on a DUI. [MA]

Who are some bands that you can relate to?

Hanson, Bieber, Jonas Brothers, GWAR. [MA]

Rate some shredders on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the fat kid playing along to the new Lou Reed + Metallica Album, 10 being Ed Van Halen) …

Lou Reed: 8, Adam Flaig: 2 (hundred), Weird Al: 11, Henrique Couto: who? Johnny Lennon, of the Beatles: who? [MA]

(Drag your ass to and experience your new favorite group and find out about tour dates and album releases. Mad Anthony will appear at Blind Bob’s May 18th.  For more information visit

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