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Sit, Stay N’ Play Dog Park

By Kate E Lore

Photo: Frankie and Freya in the lobby at Sit, Stay N’ Play Dog Park in Huber Heights; photo credit: Kate E Lore

Big round eyes follow you across the room. A fluffy body flies off the floor and four legs rush up to meet you. A tail is wagging faster than your eyes can follow, while the whole back end is bouncing back and forth in an anxious dance. You look outside to see a grey sky – ominous clouds smell of oncoming rain. Look down again to that sweet dog; your most loyal friend. Mouth wide open in an undeniable smile with tongue hanging loosely to the side. How could you say “no” that face? Well, if you’re smart and you go to the Sit, Stay N’ Play Dog Park, you’ll never have to say no again. At least not because of the weather.

Sit, Stay N’ Play Dog Park is located on Brandt Pike in Huber Heights. There are two large indoor play areas and one outdoors. There are kennels for dogs who are boarding, although they’ll spend most of their time playing. There is a self-grooming room and there are some training classes available as well. Like all good businesses, this park came from a growing need: A need from the dogs of Dayton that was not being met.

“The idea for the dog park came about one evening after it had rained for six days straight and our dog was indoors trying to play and expend some energy,” said Alison Rice, manager of Sit Stay N’ Play Indoor Dog Park. “However, it was to no avail due to the small confines of our house. We figured there were other people like us who would like their dog to get exercise, but in an indoor area where they can escape the inclement weather. We also knew there was a big void in the market for a place where dogs could be taken care of very well and expend energy at the same time.”

In 2012, Sit Stay N’ Play Dog Park officially opened in Huber Heights. This former Odd Lots/craft store on Brandt Pike seems the perfect location. They opened with several rooms for kennels and two doggie play areas. One of the indoor play rooms is 8,000 square feet – for larger breeds – and the other is 3,000 square feet –meant for smaller dogs. With the lack of dog facilities in this area, expansion had always been just upon the horizon. Shortly after opening they added puppy training classes.

“We knew people wanted to have their puppies properly trained and we have a good trainer on staff, so it was a no brainer,” said Rice. “We [also] have classes for pet therapy through Dogtors during the week nights.”

Since 2012, word has spread across Dayton and there have been several more additions. “Our main two expansions are an outdoor area and a self-grooming/self-wash station,” Rice said.

Dogs who are boarding get to enjoy the open fun zones as long as they want, and so do dogs who just come for a few hours. The play areas can be used on a day-to-day or membership basis for those not boarding. You are free to drop your dog off for a few hours as you go run some errands, or stay and watch them play. Owners are welcome to come and go as they wish here.

“The most unique thing about our business is our ‘open door’ policy,” explained Rice. “By that, I mean we have all open spaces so we have nowhere to hide anything. If one were to look at most other pet care facilities they would notice that the dogs are located in an area where the general public cannot see their dog playing. However, in our area anyone can walk in anytime and see their dog playing and watch our staff interact with the pets, which I like because it keeps our whole establishment honest and hopefully people will see that and trust us more with the care of their pet(s).”

If you are interested in taking your dog to the park, there are just a few things you’ll need.

“We want all people to bring in shot records and their dog has to pass a temperament test prior to playing with the other dogs,” Rice said. This is comforting to know with regards to the other dogs your pooch will encounter and play with here.

There are many dogs in Dayton and many involved owners who are always looking for pooch friendly fun. If things continue to grow we can expect to see a lot more from Sit Stay N’ Play Dog Park.

“In the near future, we hope to have special events and health fairs at our building,” said Rice.

As you go about your daily life, undoubtedly busy rushing from here to there, try to take some time out for those who love you immensely but ask so little in return. Our four-legged friends are often left at the house, never getting to go anywhere. Don’t overlook this living, breathing creature who adores you. Try to take some time out of your busy week to make this special furry someone’s day. It won’t take much for them, and a little fun might be good for you, too.

Sit, Stay N’ Play Dog Park is located at 6121 Brandt Pike in Huber Heights. For more information, including hours of operation, call 937.233.3151 or visit

Learn more about Kate E Lore and see her web-comics and blog at Kate can be reached at

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