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Detroit’s Tides of War unleashes fury upon Blind Bob’s

By Gary Spencer

Metallic hardcore has been making a comeback here in the U.S., and Detroit’s Tides of War are one of the stateside bands making it happen.  While admittedly drawing musical influence from bands as disparate as The Acacia Strain and Weekend Nachos, Tides of War musically fit right aside old-school hardcore punk bands such as Poison Idea and Negative Approach.  The trio’s melding of hardcore with metal is virtually seamless, which is that much more impressive given that they are only a two-piece of guitar and drums plus vocals.  I caught up with the band’s lead vocalist Chad Barrett to see what they have in store for Dayton when they come to play Blind Bob’s this coming Sunday and here’s what he had to say.

Tell me about the origins of Tides of War…the who/what/when/why of how the band got started…

Tides Of War consists on Nick Steadman (guitar/bass) Mike “Chauncey” Ludtke (drums) and Chad Barrett (vocals).  Tides Of War got started back in 2010.  Nick and myself met through a Craigslist ad looking to start a new band. I was originally going to play to drums for the band, but we decided I would be a better front man. We found Mike through a friend of ours who worked at a studio we decided to record our first two songs at. We all got along really well and we were like best friends from the start and the rest is history. -Chad Barrett

What does Tides of War represent musically and/or as a band?  Is there any kind of social change you’d like to effect as a band?

Tides Of War represents us as a band going through the struggles of life. We give up a lot back home to stay on the road: girlfriends, money and jobs. We are here to send out a positive message to kids to follow your dreams no matter what it takes. -CB

Do you consider yourselves a hardcore band or a metal band?  Why?

We consider ourselves more of a hardcore band. We have a lot of different musical influences from pop rock to death metal that makes us unique as individuals and a band.  -CB

What topics or themes do you cover in Tides of War ‘s lyrics?

We have songs about being bullied and standing up for yourself, girls that have done one over on us, the struggles of tour life and of course, the zombies. -CB

Suppose you are talking to a complete stranger.  How would you describe your band to said stranger?

I always describe our music to people as intense, in your face. We have a great live show with great energy. We try to leave the audience with a positive message every time we play. We are a hardcore band with a nice groove anyone can get into. -CB

Do you have any recordings available for sale to the public?  If not, what plans do you have to enter the studio, record and/or release your material?

We currently have our self-titled EP for sale as well as some shirts at We will also be hitting the studio this winter to record a new single. We have been playing new songs live we would like to get online for everyone. -CB

Tell me about some of Tides of War’s greatest accomplishments.

Tides Of War has been very lucky to complete seven successful tours in only two years. Everything we do is D.I.Y. we pay for our merch, recordings, CDs, van and trailer and gas all out of our own pockets. We have shared the stage with many national and local acts across the country. -CB

Tell me about your live show.  Why should people come out to see your band?  Aesthetically, what is your appeal?

Our live show, from the intro to the last breakdown, is constant energy. Our band is unique: we are a three piece hardcore band, which you don’t see much. Nick has come up with his own system to doing guitar/bass at the same time, which you have to see to believe. When you come see Tides Of War you will leave with a great experience as well as a story to tell your friends. Each live show brings a new surprise. -CB

What does the future hold for Tides of War?  Where do you see the band going and accomplishing in the future?  Is world domination in the cards?

As of now our future holds an upcoming tour, recording and taking over one town at a time. We are hoping to get on some big tours with some of our favorite bands, a full-length record, and go overseas sometime in 2013. Every city we go to we like to dominate and show it what Dirty Mitten Hardcore is all about. -CB

Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

If there is five kids or 500 kids we put our hearts into every show. -CB

Tides of War is set to perform at Blind Bobs at 430 E. Fifth St. in Dayton on Sunday, Aug. 26.  Mercia, Architects of Doom and Vicious Grave are also on the bill.  Admission is $8. Doors open at 9 pm for 21 & up. For more information please visit 

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