New album, new beef

Self-released Abertooth Lincoln vs. The All-American Beef Battalion hits streets

By W.C. Ruffnel

Abertooth Lincoln is a band not compromised of humans. This is a writhing, squeaming entity that performs at top velocity. The ‘Tooth has shown time and time again with their topsy-turvy song structures and high energy performances that this is the one proto-prog-punk in the area to watch, and with the release of their debut Abertooth Lincoln Vs. The All American Beef Battalion that they live up to the hype, and they do it so fucking wonderfully it makes my brain melt. In order to fully understand the band, I would recommend first listening to the music – it’s a chaotic-yet-painstakingly-orchestrated pre-metallic assault filled with real-life ethos and the instrumentation to boot. Imagine floating in a translucent orb while you’re aurally pummeled by a saxophone-laden jazz-punk group – does any of this help? Maybe James Lampe, lead guitarist, can help you understand.

Who’s all in the band right now & what they do?

James Lampe (guitar), Mike Werthmann (drums), Jacob Gandert (vocals), Josh Gandert (guitar, sax, keyboards), John Lakes (bass). –James Lampe

What’s the story with the new album?

Abertooth Lincoln hails from a planet that resembles a folded porkchop. He was born in the midst of a calamitous war brought upon his native planet by nuclear, neon-glowing galactic space crafts with spooging space lazers. He somehow survived and ended up in America. 30 years later, the CIA organized a militia of genetically-modified, gristle-boned beef monsters (also of the folded meat planet) known as the All-American Beef Battalion for the purpose of destroying Abertooth Lincoln. Abertooth gripped down on them real good and gave the whole crew a script. It was hilarious. -JL

Are you happy with Abertooth Lincoln vs. The All American Beef Battalion?

Yes. We’re all very excited to have music available to our friends and fans. It’s been overdue. -JL

What was the recording process like? We set our equipment up in different parts of Canal Street Tavern and played through our songs. Jacob sang from behind the bar. It was awesome having all that room to record. Working with Brian Hoops (My Latex Brain) and Derek Gullett (The Dirty Socialites) made capturing our live sound possible. They’re both well-respected in the Dayton music scene and we were humbled by their desire to work with us on this recording. We were all very comfortable working with Hoops on the mixing of our album. It didn’t feel like a pain to do at all. I think the fun we had recording this album can be heard in the final tracks (and if you listen really well, a fart can be heard in the opening song). It wouldn’t have sounded nearly as good with anyone else. -JL

You guys have switched quite a few members recently. How have those transitions been?

Difficult, to say the least. It is certainly hard to keep momentum going when you have to stop every nine months and integrate new musicians. However, I think we would all agree that with every new change there are significant improvements in the band. We have always risen to the challenge and it’s been good for us – but I’d like this to be the official line up from here on out. -JL

What’s going on with the Aberway right now? We have thrown a few benefit shows this year for various causes, but it has unfortunately taken a back seat to the band’s restructure. We’re all juggling a lot right now, but it’s a high priority of ours to pick up Aberway events again soon. -JL

What are some influences for your music? I literally have no idea what any of you might listen to.

Not Phish. -JL

What’s the best kind of pants to wear?

I’d have to say his. His pants are the best. -JL

How much beef is too much beef? Everybody’s got their own limits. -JL

Please explain cookie dogs for me.

What’s to explain? -JL

Who would you vote for – Newt Gingrich, or Newt Gingrich?

This question plagues me every day. -JL

Why did you all decide to vote for Newt Gingrich?

It’s pretty evident in the above question that he was the lesser of two evils. -JL

Is Newt Gingrich God?

I hope not. -JL

Who would win a fight – Newt Gingrich or God?

I’d have to look at their super PAC stats. -JL

Trick question – Newt Gingrich is God. There’s a high level of sexuality in Abertooth. Can you quantify the raw and sexual anger that I feel when I watch you play? 4, but I won’t tell you what scale I used to calculate that number. -JL

Feed me to your loins, and what happens? I’ll end up with sore loins. -JL

A tree falls in the woods – what modal or blues lick comes to your head immediately?

Anything by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. -JL

Abertooth Lincoln Vs. The All American Beef Battalion will be available at upcoming shows & at Omega Records almost immediately. For information, please visit & search for “Abertooth Lincon.” You won’t regret it.

Reach DCP freelance writer W.C. Ruffnel at

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