Nipple Scripting

H owdy folks! The nipple cover August 15, 2017 was more or less generated with a custom script written in Applescript. If you’re an Adobe nut and haven’t played around with scripting you need to start. There are some powerful things that can be done in Applescript and Javascript which can automate the crap out of your daily workflow.

Below is a script that runs in Illustrator CS5 that selects every item on the active document, generates random CMYK values from user-defined ranges then randomly scales the objects to a user-defined range. It’s painfully simple and works on more than just nipples.




tell application “Adobe Illustrator”

set obj to selection as list

set allMyItems to every path item of current document

repeat with myItem in allMyItems

set rndCyan to random number from 1 to 5

set rndMagenta to random number from 20 to 55

set rndYellow to random number from 1 to 5

set rndBlack to random number from 10 to 20

set fill color of myItem to {cyan:rndCyan, magenta:rndMagenta, yellow:rndYellow, black:rndBlack}

set rndScale to random number from 90 to 120

scale myItem horizontal scale (rndScale) vertical scale (rndScale) about center

end repeat

end tell

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