Nude year, nude pets …

Sora Sora
Kelly Kelly
Larry Larry
Sprite Sprite
Cookie Cookie
Bandit Bandit
Maddie Maddie
Vixen Vixen
Twiggy Twiggy
Tron Tron
Ross Ross
Patsy Patsy
Oakley Oakley
Narnia Narnia
Mickey Mickey
Linus Linus
Lester Lester
Kayla Marie Kayla Marie
Jose Jose
Fabio Fabio

The Humane Society and SICSA have your perfect ‘nude’ year’s resolution

“Why doesn’t Donald Duck wear pants, but he wears a towel around his waist when he gets out of the shower?” The question has plagued children for years and, well, I don’t know the answer to it. So in keeping with this issue’s “nude” theme, the Dayton City Paper has teamed up with Humane Society of Greater Dayton and The Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals (SICSA) to showcase these naked (but furry and lovable) animals available for adoption. All animals deserve a new home and family in 2011. And yes, you can buy them a sweater if you want.

Humane Society

Becca – 6 months old Lab mix

She is loveable, super affectionate and would love to find someone to cuddle up with in a forever home.

Blitzen – 10 weeks old Lab mix puppy

He is very playful and loves to run and look for ways to get into trouble.  If you give him a chance, he’ll wiggle his way right into your heart.

Blue Eyes – 5 years old Ragdoll mix

He is very outgoing and has never met a stranger.

Comet – 10 weeks old Lab mix puppy

He is very smart and will learn quickly.  He would make a great addition to any home.

Cooper – 8 weeks old

He is a bundle of energy.  He loves to play, but when he is all worn out, can’t wait to curl up in your lap and purr.

Fabio – 4 months old Longhaired cat

He is very handsome, but also very modest.  He is shy at first, but will make a wonderful companion.

Jose – 2 years old Corgi mix

He is very laid back and easy going, and loves to make new friends.  He can’t wait to become a part of your family

Kayla Marie – 2 months old

She is very sweet and would love to just curl up in your lap.  She loves to cuddle.

Lester – 6 months old Lab mix

He is looking for a home where he gets lots of playtime and exercise.

Linus – 10 weeks old

He has lots of love to give and can’t wait to make himself comfortable in your home.

Mickey – 10 weeks old

He has the loudest purr, which is constantly going.  Mickey can’t wait to curl up in your lap and make himself at home.

Narnia – 2 months old

She is very easy going, loves to eat and can’t wait to find her forever home.

Oakley – 8 months old

He is very playful and came with his brother, Elliot and would love to find a home for the two of them to play together.

Patsy – 10 week old Lab mix puppy

She is a little timid at first, but very quickly warms up.  She relishes affection and will give you plenty in return.

Ross – 2 years old

He is independent and very smart.

Tron – 3 months old

He is hoping for a nice quiet home where he’ll have a few admirers and lots of love.

Twiggy – 8 weeks old

She is shy, but sweet.  She loves to observe and take things in.  She would love a quiet environment with a big window to watch the world and a family to love her.

Vixen – 10 weeks old Lab mix

Once she warms up, she is very frisky


Maddie – 5 years old Female Basset Hound

Maddie is adorable and full of vitality.  She is best with adults.

Max – 5 years Male Boxer

Max is good with cats and small children. He lives in a foster home during the week and is available at SICSA for adoptions on weekends.

Bandit – 5 years Male Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mix

Bandit is a very sweet dog.  He does well with children and other dogs but chases cats.

Cookie – 2 years Female Chow Chow/Retriever, Golden

Cookie is housetrained, and has experience with using a doggie door. Cookie is great with older children too.

Sprite – 1 year Female Domestic Longhair/Mix

Sprite is beautiful and a bit of a diva.

Larry – 7 months Male Domestic Shorthair mix

Larry loves to play and is an adorable, sweet kitten.

Kelly – 6 years Female Domestic Shorthair mix

Kelly is a beautiful calico who loves to talk.

Sora – 1 year Female Domestic Shorthair mix

Sora is a beautiful girl that will do best as the only cat in your home.

To adopt any of these loveable pets, visit the Humane Society of Greater Dayton at 1661 Nichols Road in Dayton or call them at (937) 268-PETS. Visit SICSA at 2600 Wilmington Pike in Kettering or call them at (937) 294-6505.



Blue Eyes






Kayla Marie


















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