O Captain, my Captain

Captain of Industry returns from hiatus to play Bob’s

By Josher Lumpkin

Photo: Captain of Industry will perform on May 8 at Blind Bob’s; photo: Zdenka Blumensheid

The name Captain of Industry should bring happy memories of indie pop nostalgia to any Dayton music fan who hears it. Comprised of some of Dayton’s best musical talent, COI was one of our town’s most active and beloved acts of the aughts. The band was known for its constant touring and rigorous recording schedule, having recorded three full-length albums and an EP during its career.

“Yeah, I had lapses of time, for a year, really, where I didn’t do anything,” Nathan tells me via telephone. “I went from playing all the time to rarely. It was just driving me crazy. We played a lot of shows, we did a lot of touring … you know, and you get used to that kind of routine. Then you go from that to not playing for a couple years.”

Peters assures me the lapse will not affect the quality of performance the audience will receive. “It all falls back into place once I play like two shows in a row,” he says.

I asked Nathan what made Captain of Industry slow down after having been so active for so many years.

“[Guitarist] Kevin Oldfield moved to Seattle right after we made the third record,” Peters explains. “He came back to do some touring, and then he flew back to Seattle after we did that last tour. We kept playing without him for a while, but then I had a child on the way, so we called it quits for a little while.”

Peters says fans can expect a Captain of Industry show once every blue moon. “Essentially whenever he comes to town we get together and play,” he says. “It’s that we’ve done so many shows over the years and played so much together that it’s really easy. We rehearse like once or twice and then it sounds probably better than what it used to when we would overplay these songs a million times. It has been very successful, we should be able to do it every once in a year and half or every two years.”

Therefore, fans of COI should not miss out on the show this Friday, as the band will not be quick to pick up their instruments without Oldfield.

“In the future, I think if Kevin came to town, John [Lakes, drums] and I would definitely want to play,” he says. “Actually Christian Roerig is filling in on bass because our bass player is away too, so Christian is going to play bass for this show. But you know, without Kevin it’s not exactly Captain of Industry. That’s kind of how we always felt. I’ve always felt that everyone was really integral to the band. We did have two bass players over the course of ten years. But Kevin, John, myself, I don’t think any of us would be comfortable just throwing in a bunch of new people and calling it Captain of Industry.”

Peters keeps himself busy with other projects in between those few-and-far-between Captain of Industry shows.

“I’m playing in a band called Swim Diver now,” he says, “and we’re slowly working towards a few things but, and this is kind of the trend, everybody is a real busy guy, got a family and stuff. So we have to find time to get that all together and play shows.

“It might be one of those things like The Motel Beds,” Peters continues. “They broke up for forever and things got easier with kids and it just pulled back together. So hopefully we do that someday.”

“My buddy Happy is coming from Columbus,” Peters says of Happy Chichester, the show’s opening act. “He was in the Twilight Singers and The Afghan Whigs. And so he is going to come and open up the show, he’s an amazing solo performer.”

Dayton’s Roley Yuma is also on the bill. “I love all those guys,” Peters says. “They’re a fun band.”

When asked if the band would be writing any new songs for their show at Blind Bob’s, Peters tells me bluntly, “Certainly not. You know, we’re going to play all the songs that people want to hear. All the non-hits.”

Captain of Industry will play Friday, May 8 at Blind Bob’s, 430 E. Fifth St. in the Oregon District. Lab Partners, Happy Chichester and Roley Yuma are also on the bill. Admission if $5 for patrons 21+. Doors at 9 p.m. For more information, please visit captainofindustry1.bandcamp.com.

Reach DCP freelance writer Josher Lumpkin at josherlumpkin@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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Josher Lumpkin is a nursing student and aspiring historian who enjoys writing about music and geekdom of all kinds. He is especially fond of punk rock, tabletop gaming, sci-fi/fantasy and camping with his wife, Jenner, and their dogs, Katie and Sophie. Reach him at JosherLumpkin@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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