On the Beat: 09/09

Familiar face takes off on morning radio

By Jim Bucher

Photo: Catch Dan Edwards in his new spot on FLY 92.9 FM

They say life throws curve balls at times – well, for my buddy Dan Edwards, they are pitched relentlessly and he’s not wearing a batting helmet.

OK, seriously. Yours truly and Edwards go way back to his old MIX 107.7 FM days, before we worked the morning show on Channel 2.

But what happens sometimes with people our age, especially in the broadcast biz, is we found ourselves unemployed.

So, what’s a guy to do?

“Like most people when you find yourself unemployed, the uncertainty is a little scary, especially when the economy, particularly in this area, continues to struggle,” Edwards said. “I quickly realized, at my age, my future in TV was probably over.”

For Edwards, though, it all came together, because what’s old is new again.

You see, he’s the new a.m. guy on FLY 92.9 FM. Yep, it’s Cap’n Dan with your “Morning Flight,” weekdays from 6–9 a.m. (Please fasten your seatbelts.)

“[Senior VP/Marketing Manager] John King was looking for a well-known personality with a radio background to host their new morning program,” Edwards explained. “It was really ironic, because John was the man who gave me my first job in Dayton radio back in 1982. After a few discussions, I realized it was a great fit with a new company.”

For you old timers – and I include myself – the name John King may ring a bell. John was part of the very popular “King and Dorsey” afternoon drive time show on WING in the 1970s. King’s back at the helm, and with the recent purchase of Main Line Broadcasting by Alpha Media –which includes five local radio properties: FLY 92.9, WING, WROU, HOT 102.9 and CLICK 101.5 – there’s a big emphasis on local, local, local.

“John said it’s a real desire for this company to bring back live, local and listenable radio in every market they’re in,” Edwards said. “He wants each of the five Dayton stations to be real community partners.”

Cap’n Dan has taken off with a clearly defined flight plan.

Edwards likened being back in front of the mic – and especially not having to wear TV make-up – to wearing that favorite pair of shoes, a perfect fit!

And his family agrees.

“My wife Cynthia loves that I’m back on the radio,” Edwards said. “Music is what brought us together. We met at a James Taylor concert. After 17 years of not being around music radio, I was surprised how easily it came back to me. Our kids Daniel, 22, and Kaitlyn, 20, think it’s a kick. They weren’t old enough to remember Dad on the radio, just as a TV anchor. I really feel at home in the FLY studio, like I’ve returned to Mother Radio.”

Nothing is better, Dan said, than to talk up the town he loves.

“I look forward to being on the air every day,” Edwards said. “One of the greatest compliments people can give me is, ‘You act in person just like you do on the air.’ I’m truly having a blast every morning playing excellent music – it’s like listening to my iPod – and I also have the opportunity and privilege to talk about events and issues that are impacting our community.”

So, expect an upbeat start for your day with some tunes that appeal to every passenger.

“I want people to know we live in an awesome community, and if you don’t believe me, just travel around,” Edwards said proudly. “I know we have our issues; what community doesn’t? I want my listeners to feel good about the Dayton region because it has a lot to offer to those who are willing and able to engage it. I believe you get what you give.”

Catch Edwards weekday mornings on FLY 92.9, but by all means don’t be late because the he may take off without you.

Carry-on, Cap’n Dan.

Cheers! Oh, and if you’re looking for a co-pilot, I know a guy.


A regionally known and loved local television icon for over 25 years, “Buch’s” followers describe him as trust-worthy, fun, the guy next door, a friend and role model. You can promote your business with Buch and grab your customer’s attention! Reach DCP freelance writer Jim Bucher at JimBucher@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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For over 25 years, Jim Bucher has been a regionally known and loved local television icon. “Buch’s” followers describe him as trustworthy, fun, the guy next door, a friend and role model. You can promote your business with Buch and grab your customer’s attention! Reach DCP freelance writer Jim Bucher at JimBucher@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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