C hances are by now you’re well aware the Montgomery County Fairgrounds on S. Main Street is wrapping up operations, soon the move to Jefferson Township and a brand-new facility will take place.

In the meantime, the new owners of the old property UD and Premier Health will decide what’s next for land.

Personally, and a bit self-serving, as a resident of the City of Dayton, I would love to see a grocery store set-up shop. It’s a little tiring traveling to other neighboring cities to fill my fridge.

I know the above-mentioned owners will do what’s right for the city and surrounding neighborhoods.

But in case they need a little assistance, our wonderful readers weigh in with their two cents on what needs to happen there.

Amber wrote, “With downtown growing with townhouses and lofts, a grocery store needs to be more downtown. Also, more restaurants as well. This would benefit the hospital and the townhouses and lofts as well. In order to keep people coming to downtown, more restaurants and grocery stores are needed.” She said.

Great idea Amber. You’re thinking like I am.

Natasha said, “Since it’s owned now by UD and Premier, I think it would be a great place to start an agribusiness that included sustainable, healthy eating and growing methods.”

Another great idea.

Anne added, “Another Lincoln Park, including a small shopping area: grocery store, pharmacy, etc. – but definitely a park! That entire area is on the verge of being recreated.”

Joe is thinking big, “Something like the Greene and lofts. Dayton has improved vastly in recent years. 10 years ago, no, but it can work now, especially with the proximity to UD.” He said.

It’s all about housing to KimberIy, “I’ve noticed there is a shortage of 3-plus bedroom apartments in the area. Build larger loft style apartments with great floor plans, lots of green space and an onsite grocery store. I’m still unhappy that they moved the fair, but as they say in the real estate business, ‘highest and best use.’”

Another vote for a grocery story. YES!

Former morning radio wild man Scott Mallery now on-air in Florida writes, “Pensacola State, by me, has really nice condo communities for students. Really cool common areas too where students have their own rooms and bathrooms but shared kitchens and great rooms.”

Works there, why not here?

Michael says, “I will say as I stated in the surveys – we need real affordable housing, transition housing for those in recovery or mental health issues with a common green space for all. Need a real grocery store. If I really had my wish would put tiny houses with sustainable living resources so they could be for retired or low income with a real grocery for all.”

Another vote for a grocery!

Kevin’s take, “Dayton needs a ‘pedestrian mall’ full of unique shops, eateries, & bars. Close off a street & make it an entertainment destination. Look at Boulder, CO or Burlington, VT. Or take Mendleson’s & do what Grand Rapids, MI did…convert into a BOB. A ‘Big Old Building’ of entertainment options.”

For a second there thought he said BYOB, where is my mind?

Malissa said, “I LOVE the tiny house community idea but I think it would be neat to bring back some of Dayton’s history too. What about an amusement park like the one we use to have? Maybe with some shops like the Greene so we could use the space year- round? With a big old romantic antique merry-go-round and other rides that could also be used year-round in the round house. Maybe bring back some of the attractions that the old park had and add some new things.”

A Kings Island satellite facility, eh?

Melissa wrote, “Grocery store, something like the Greene would be nice, an In and Out burger, Walburgers, Hotel for UD family/visitors, wish Dominics and Dukes was still in business would be nice to see back on Main. I like the Ronald McDonald housing for family! Something for our Veterans and also homeless folks.”

Another vote for a grocery? Sounds like a pattern to me.

Finally, Lori said, “I say put up an indoor/outdoor park like down on the river. Make it so Miami Valley workers and people visiting the hospital can go to unwind. A little pond, eateries, A walkway to get there because of Main St. Indoor Facility too because our winters can be cold.”

Well, there you have it. Some great ideas for the property, Wait, did someone mention a grocery store?



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