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This is news to me

By Jim Bucher

Back in another era and time zone, most of us received our news from television, radio, or newspapers.

Today in 2017, things have sure changed. At last unscientific count, there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to digest news.

If you lean to the left, MSNBC and CNN is the news of choice. For the right there’s FOX News. We tailor what we want to hear, what we agree with as opposed to what news organizations decided for you. Just the facts man.

So, again in a random sampling from our loyal readers, we get an idea of what you’re watching.

Of course, Dayton City Paper is the choice of many. I mean come on, you can’t beat a free weekly which presents the pulse of our city and the Miami Valley.

Our kids, for instance, haven’t watched TV or listened to regular radio in years. It’s all Spotify or iTunes, Netflix, and the like.

Maybe an occasional BuzzFeed thrown in for good measure. But what will news look like, and especially local broadcasts, in the future. It is obsolete?

Our readers speak.

Carlos said he gets his news from TV and the Internet. “Got rid of the paper years ago.”

Ella still gets the paper, but wrote, “It is shrinking.”

Bart said, he receives his news from the Internet, “Because it’s the truth.” He added with a tongue in cheek emoji. But added, “Seriously, I watch local news, weather for local stories, and for bigger stories I scour every possible source.”

I’m with you Bart, I do the same.

Roger wrote, “Same way I’ve done for years, on my old black & white Magnavox.” Roger, I’m told, also has the first dollar he ever earned. Just sayin.’

Aimee said, “I mainly get it all on-line. Every once in a while, will watch the news, but to be honest it’s because the news happened to come on and was too last to change the channel.” Aimee, there’s a thing called a ‘remote’ which helps with that. Maybe you should get together with Roger.

Libby has it made, “My husband tells me what’s in the paper as he reads it.” Wow, your own news anchor in house. That’s cool.

Nell said her news consumption comes from Facebook and TV. “No paper for years, when they forgot how to deliver,” she added.

John is pretty adamant, “Everywhere, but the newspaper.” But, of course, he’s not speaking of DCP.

Fred does watch local news, but not in a traditional way, “I read it all on stations websites.”

Bruce votes for radio, “Get it all from WDAO 1210am. It’s all I need.”

My resident wag buddy Ron Hicks, who I worked with at Ch. 2 forever, chimed in with, “I watch the Simpsons and Fox and Friends. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference,” he added.

Julie tells it like it is, “Used to read the paper & watch the news every day. Haven’t watched the news since that man got to the White House. Don’t read the paper for the same reason and half the time we don’t get the paper and if we do it isn’t complete. So now I just get notices from WHIO & CNN on my phone and I choose what I want to read or listen to.”

This seems to be the way things are headed. We want what we want.

Finally, a long-time friend and former co-worker at WDTN from 30 plus, years ago, news anchor/reporter Kris Long weighed in. You guys remember the TV-2 Eyewitness News reports?

Kris is a survivor in local news and is on the air in Palm Springs, California.

“Despite the numerous platforms now delivering news, most reputable studies seem to indicate local TV news is holding up strongly. At the risk of sounding self-serving (since I work in TV news) that seems to be due to viewers still aligning themselves with one or more personalities on a particular station. Personally, I still try to watch a network newscast every day. I read my local newspaper on line Monday-Friday. Just to feel a paper in my hands (and get newsprint on the fridge!) I still take the paper on weekends. My carrier seems to bat about .333 as far as getting it on my driveway on Saturday and Sunday mornings!”

Good to hear all the comments. And you too, Kris.

So, there you have it. A small sampling of how we get our news. As for the future … stay tuned.



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Jim Bucher
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