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This is her day job

Local author back with another steamy tale

By Jim Bucher

“Don’t quit your day job.” How many times have we all heard that, especially when I sing, but it’s a famous phrase used to keep aspiring painters, musicians, writers…creative-types, from making the mistake of confusing passion for their craft with making a living at it.

Even once they are successful, the temptation to stay with the day job is easier than taking the leap of faith, so they moonlight.

One local author is keeping her day job because she loves it, and moonlighting in the middle ages because she has a passion for it. Literally!

She is Marisa (Mo) Dillon, whose second novel, “The Golden Rose of Scotland,” went on sale in November on Amazon from Soul Mate Publishing. The second of the Ladies of Lore Series. “And yes, there will be at least three in the series,” says Dillon, “because series are more profitable than stand-alone titles.”

Well, that appears to be true, you don’t have to look much farther than the “Harry Potter” and “Hunger Games” series to see the impact and financial success these efforts have had for J.K Rowling and Suzanne Collins.

“Writers have found out more recently what TV shows and movies have known for some time…that series sell. Good examples would be Police Academy, Star Wars, James Bond, on the silver screen, and M.A.S.H, Cheers, and Friends on Television,” Dillon explained. “There’s comfort in the familiar and once you fall in love with a story setting, a family of characters, or a theme, there’s less work getting readers to become hooked.”

Recently, I found out there’s a big upside to this strategy.

“Buch, I knew I wanted to write a series even before I found out it was the smart business thing to do,” Dillon told me. “This summer at the National Romance Writers of America conference, I attended a seminar lead by a representative from a company called Author Earnings, who reported that in the second quarter this year, series books earned 49 percent more than standalone titles.”

Huh? Well, even I understand that kind of math and why she would want to follow that trend. And in her new book from The Ladies of Lore Series, “The Golden Rose of Scotland,” Marisa takes us back to 1486 again when King Henry VII takes the throne and the House of Tudor is born.

When it came to writing this book, Dillon said she had today’s historical romance reader in mind, but it reads like a modern novel.

And with my attention span, it’s perfect, her book is written tightly, so you can finish it in a day or two.

When asked to give a quick overview of the story, Marisa tells me one of her promo quotes says it best. “Prayer and the Philosopher’s Stone equal an antidote for poison. But will healer Rosalyn Macpherson want to save the notorious Englishman who means to steal her Highland Castle?

Lachlan de Leverton is guilty of many things, but now he’s accused of taking the pope’s gift for King James. Can he prove his innocence to the Scottish lass before she steals his heart? A tale of lore and love you’ll just have to read it to find out.

Speaking of, here’s a little teaser.

“She began to kick her legs in protest, thinking he’d give up the domineering way he was treating her and set her back on her feet, but instead, her resistance fueled the need for him to swat her bottom a few more times as he continued unrelentingly down the corridor.

“You will regret this, Lachlan,” she said in a muffled voice with her lips pressed against his back.

A deep chuckle was the only response he gave. It rumbled through her, making her more aware than ever, that he could force himself upon her. He had the legal right now.

A loud thwacking sound brought Rosalyn out of her dread quickly when she realized Lachlan was kicking the chamber door open with his hands full of her squirming arse.

“Put me down, Lachlan. Put me down. This is not the way you want to start our marriage,” she demanded, struggling even more violently after he’d kicked the door shut.

Sounds like my wedding night, but I digress.

By the way, Dillon does most of her “moonlighting” on the weekends because she has that “day job.” She is a long-time local TV and digital marketing consultant who I got to know when we worked together at Channel 2 and currently is doing the same at WKEF Channel 22 and WRGT Channel 45.

You can find more Mo at: MarisaDillon.com

Cheers and prepare for a cold shower.


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