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By Jim Bucher
Hello all!

Hope you had a great week. I did, thanks for asking.

So, thought I’d share some things I came across recently in my travels and travails.

Did you by chance catch the wonderful show, “Family Shots” at the Human Race Theatre Company’s Loft Theatre?

Written by frequent Race contributor Michael Slade, the show deals with family illness, insensitivity, marriage and neurosis, all in a dramatic/comedy presentation.

It’s a mighty fine piece of work.

I was thrilled to be invited to lunch with some of the cast members.

Long time As the World Turns star Colleen Zenk and former teen heartthrob (of Disney’s “High School Musical”) and current good-looking dude Corbin Bleu were there.

I spent an afternoon with these two at The Carillon Brewing Company and took a tour of the park itself.

It really was soul inspiring, and I was proud to be a Daytonian, for a couple of hours.

They couldn’t stop talking about our fair city.

Our fantastic arts, culture, museums and restaurants … it just made you feel good.

Sometimes we tend to harp on the negative – which is human nature (I’ll ask Dr. Phil next time I see him), but this was a good, positive shot in the arm and made me even more proud of where I live.


Many people still stop me and ask, ‘What are you doing now?’

So, with the permission of my editor Sarah and publisher Paul, I’m gonna have at it again.

Since leaving WDTN Channel 2 two years ago, time has flown. I’ve been reinventing myself.

Starting my own business, Buchtvguy.com, has sort of morphed from offering my services as a radio/TV pitchman, to hosting social media videos for businesses and events, paid emcee gigs, writing and now media consulting.

What is a media consultant you say?

Well, for instance I’m working with The Montgomery County Fair as their PR dude.

I’ll be handling press interviews, placing ads and basically getting the word out on this wonderful institution.

By the way, contrary to media reports, the fair hasn’t moved. Nope, it’s still in the same place it’s been for over 160 years with, as of this writing, no plans to move.

Jot these dates down: Sept. 2 (my birthday by the way, please send expensive gifts to me right here at the paper) through Labor Day, Sept. 7.

Not that it wasn’t before, but this year we’re going to make it even more fun for the entire family.

Hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, tune in to FOX 45 Friday Sept. 4, from 7-9 a.m. as the entire morning show gang broadcasts LIVE from the fair.


You may know I’m a big Internet kinda, sorta dude ’cause this world wide web deal is gonna be big. Ok, I’m joking, but found a couple fun web series that you may like.

The first is Jerry Seinfeld and his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It’s exactly what the title says it is.

Jerry opens each episode with a current or classic car, then he’s off to pick up one of his comic buddies ending up … that’s right … getting coffee.

The whole time casual conversation, stories and jokes are flying as fast as some of the cars.

He’s hit the road with Jimmy Fallon, Louis C.K., Jay Leno, David Letterman and old school funny dudes like Don Rickles, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks.

It’s truly a who’s who in the comedy world.

Check it out, I think you’ll like it as much as I do, just don’t spill your coffee. (comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com)

Next is Billy On The Street.

OHMYGOSH! This guy is a flippin’ riot. Comedian Billy Eichner hits the streets of New York City to test unsuspecting strangers on their knowledge of music and pop culture while yelling at people.

With microphone in hand and money in tow, Eichner gives contestants the chance to win cash by answering a series of hilarious and spontaneous questions.

The catch?

The final round is really subjective; if you don’t agree with Billy you lose.

Trust me you’ll love it, but have the volume control at the ready. (funnyordie.com/billyonthestreet)


Finally, ending where I began this column, Dayton has done it again.

According to Livability.com, our town is one of the Top 10 most affordable cities in America.

We spend eight percent less on combined living expenses than the U.S. average and we’re the cheapest city for housing on their list.

National recognition is a good thing.

That’s my two cents … actually it would be eight percent less than two pennies.



A regionally known and loved local television icon for over 25 years, “Buch’s” followers describe him as trust-worthy, fun, the guy next door, a friend and role model. You can promote your business with Buch and grab your customer’s attention! Reach DCP freelance writer Jim Bucher at JimBucher@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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For over 25 years, Jim Bucher has been a regionally known and loved local television icon. “Buch’s” followers describe him as trustworthy, fun, the guy next door, a friend and role model. You can promote your business with Buch and grab your customer’s attention! Reach DCP freelance writer Jim Bucher at JimBucher@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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