On The Beat: 9/20

My love affair with Tipp City

By Jim Bucher

If you’re a regular reader of my column here in Dayton City Paper, pretty sure you’ve figured me out.

I love to write about anything and everything local, most times positively, with some occasional rants, and hopefully some humor thrown in.

I’m a big local history buff. The extraordinary things, which happened here are simply amazing, and continue to be.

For instance, at one time, our region boasted the most patents per capita than any area of the country.

From the airplane, self-starter, and pop-top can, Dayton and the Miami Valley were the bomb!

Oh yes, we had something to do with that, too (all the secret stuff that went on during WWII in the development of nuclear weapons).

But one of the few things I love besides the enormous history here is the fact that we have first class amenities—like the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, a park system like no other, and even a national one, wonderful shopping and dining, plus awesome bike trails interconnecting throughout the state.

Also, a rush hour, which for the most part is … an hour.

In a small radius, every size city and town offers its own brand of uniqueness.

For example, up north a bit in Miami County is Tipp City. Population around 10,000, salute! Anyone remember the TV show Hee Haw? Then, you’ll know where that phrase originated from.

Tipp City and myself go way back. My grandfather’s sister lived there, and we visited quite often.

But first, a little history.

Tippecanoe City was founded in 1840 along the developing Miami and Erie Canal, which before trains, planes, and automobiles, was the only way to transport people, cargo, and dry goods around the state. Unless you went the horse and buggy route.

Well, the name derived from presidential candidate William Henry Harrison’s nickname, Tippecanoe, which he received from his heroics in the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811. Yes, Tippecanoe and Tyler, too.

Then in 1938, the name was shortened to Tipp City, as another town in Ohio already claimed the name.

How about that? You do learn something new every day.

But Tipp and yours truly have had a love affair for quite some time. It’s charming old “downtown” is in stark contrast to “uptown” and the hustle and bustle near I-75 and State Route 571. No offense uptown, but downtown or “Old Tipp” is where you absorb the feel of “quaint” and “charming” amenities.

Eateries like Harrison’s, Sam and Ethel’s Restaurant, and Coldwater Café to name a few. Specialty shops That Place On Main, Iron Dog Salvage and Antiques, plus something you don’t see too much of other than a section in a big box retailer, Cairns Toys!

You can truly spend an entire day and not hit the Tipp of the iceberg. Sorry.

Back in my reporting days at Ch. 2 when the weather turned bad and the newsrooms in our area would go “ape shit” at the first sign of a snowflake, Tipp was my morning live shot of choice. It truly seemed I-70 was the “fault line” between “snow” and “heavy snow.” Up north of Dayton seemed to get hit hardest.

So, the Tipp O’ The Town restaurant at the I-75 exit was our live shot of choice. Hey, I’m no dummy. I’d stand outside for my live shot in the parking lot with a great view of snowy conditions on the highway. Then, right after, we’d wrap to await the next report, it was a dash inside for ham and eggs, biscuits and gravy, and wheat toast, of course. What, did you think I was standing outdoors the whole time? Well, think again.

Then many times during my “live guy out and about” stories during that horrid early morning show, horrid as in time of day, not the show, Tipp City was my town of choice.

From highlighting a new business opening or a holiday event, the fine folks of Tipp would roll out the red carpet for us at 5 a.m.

And the friendliest peeps you’d ever meet. Maybe that’s why Tipp City was named one of the best hometowns in Ohio.

I do really miss those days, again not the early morning hours, but rather taking a few minutes of local TV time to highlight the fun, interesting, and sometimes tasty places around the valley. No one does anymore. Hear from people all time, “Buch, we miss your positive, enlightening reports.” And yes, smart alecks, not just my family.

Hats off, Tipp City! See ‘ya for ham and eggs sometime soon, but can I get that around noonish?

A final ‘Tipp’: For more on Tipp City, check out this week’s cover story on page 20.



For over 25 years, Jim Bucher has been a regionally known and loved local television icon. “Buch’s” followers describe him as trustworthy, fun, the guy next door, a friend and role model. You can promote your business with Buch and grab your customer’s attention! Reach DCP freelance writer Jim Bucher at JimBucher@DaytonCityPaper.com

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For over 25 years, Jim Bucher has been a regionally known and loved local television icon. “Buch’s” followers describe him as trustworthy, fun, the guy next door, a friend and role model. You can promote your business with Buch and grab your customer’s attention! Reach DCP freelance writer Jim Bucher at JimBucher@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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