Rack Your Business

Want a Dayton City Paper rack in your business?

Here’s an interesting fact: the Dayton City Paper has no subscribers. Yet, we have over 50,000 weekly readers.

So, how do our readers get their copy of the Dayton City Paper? They get out of their homes or work places and they find it. Since Spring, 2017, the DCP averages over 50,000 readers every week. Most of our readers read the Dayton City Paper at least twice per month. And nearly all of them pick up the paper at the same location.

Where do our readers find us? We’re found just about everywhere. The DCP is found free in every library, every Kroger store, great restaurants, coffee shops, government offices, retailers, college campuses, you name it. In fact, the Dayton City Paper is found at nearly five hundred locations throughout the metro Dayton region as far North as Troy, South to Springboro, East to Springfield, and West to Trotwood (and everywhere in between).

But we’re not quite “everywhere” enough. So, we’re actively seeking businesses willing to partner with us by permitting us to place one of our small footprint wire racks in their business to offer the Dayton City Paper to their customers every week. It only requires one square foot of floor space and is only two feet tall.

You may ask, “why should I have a Dayton City Paper rack in my business?” Our most important answer: traffic. A Dayton City Paper rack inside a business not only contributes to foot traffic, it nearly guarantees repeat customers because the majority of our readers pickup their weekly DCP copy at the same location. Does this mean persons entering your business in hopes of walking out with their copy of the Dayton City Paper will make a purchase? Maybe not every time. But they’re likely to return. And return again, and again, and (you get the idea).

Other reasons why you may wish to host a Dayton City Paper rack?

1) You’re on our website map!
Once your business becomes a Dayton City Paper pickup location, we place it on our website’s (click here) “find-the-paper” map page. When a reader wants to find a Dayton City Paper pickup location, they use our map. Once your location in selected, they get to see and do some important things:

– they’ll see a photo of the front of your business

– they’ll see your address and telephone number

– they’ll be able to click on a link to your website (whatever web page you wish).

– they’ll be able to click for Google Map driven directions to your business

2) You get free “help wanted” classifieds any time!
Should you ever wish to publish a help-wanted classified ad in the Dayton City Paper, it’s free whenever you need one (up to five lines of text). And DCP classifieds get results!

3) It’s free (we pay for the rack)

We’ll deliver and place your Dayton City Paper rack on the next possible Tuesday. Each Tuesday thereafter our driver will remove any previous edition copies and be sure the rack is clean and neat before the next edition is delivered. There’s never a cost to host the Dayton City Paper in your business.

If you’re the decision-maker for your business and you’d like to learn more about what it takes to order your free rack and begin offering the Dayton City Paper to your customers, please call 937.222.8855 ext. 620 or email us here.

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