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Toxic Beauty Records in Yellow Springs will be celebrating Record Store Day. Toxic Beauty Records in Yellow Springs will be celebrating Record Store Day.

Local Indie Stores celebrate 4th annual Record Store Day

By Kyle Melton

Toxic Beauty Records in Yellow Springs will be celebrating Record Store Day.

Since its inception in 2008, Record Store Day has attracted enthusiastic record collectors seeking exclusive titles available only on this day and garnered much-needed attention for fledgling indie record stores across the country. With hundreds of exclusive titles ranging from rare re-issues to unreleased tracks from current acts, Record Store Day provides a special connection between artists, their fanbases and the indie record stores that bind them together.
For those unfamiliar with Record Store Day, the celebration was started in 2007 (the first celebration took place in 2008) as a way to recognize the unique culture and customs surrounding independent record stores in the U.S.

For Daytonians, there are two outlets that will be celebrating Record Store Day: Omega Music (the Oregon District) and Toxic Beauty Records (Yellow Springs). Omega Music has long been an independent record outlet in Dayton before its relocation from the Santa Clara Arts District to the Oregon District last fall and owner Alex Staiger is very excited for the store’s involvement for the first time.
“I’m looking forward to what I hope will be a jump-start to our business in the Oregon District,” said Staiger. “I think it’s an event that could bring the community together more and connect us to all the other cities that participate. Hopefully, it will be something that people in other cities that don’t participate will travel to Dayton for.”

With their first year participating in Record Store Day, Omega Records will present an excellent lineup of music throughout the day, featuring some of Dayton’s finest local talent, including the Motel Beds, Astro Fang and Yakuza Heart Attack. In addition, Kelley Deal (of the Breeders and R. Ring) and the Buffalo Killers will team up with Guided By Voices (GBV) guitarist Mitch Mitchell for a special performance to coincide with the release of the GBV tribute, Sing for Your Meat. Deal and the Buffalo Killers contributed a track to the compilation, which is being released on Record Store Day via North Carolina imprint No More Fake Labels (NMFL).

“I decided to release on Record Store Day largely because I know how much support indie retailers need these days,” explained NMFL Founder Misty Dawn Briggs. “Thanks to Shelley [Hulce] of WYSO’s Kaleidoscope show, I had heard about a great indie record shop in Dayton called Omega Music that had endured a lot of hardships over the last year. When I brought it to the attention of Kelley Deal she immediately threw her support their way and scheduled her in-store with Buffalo Killers at the struggling Dayton music store.”

In Yellow Springs, Josh Castleberry will be participating in his third consecutive Record Store Day and plans to offer numerous exclusives available only during this event. In addition to over 125 titles that he’ll have on hand (until supplies run out), Castleberry will offer special deals via his Facebook page ( on the thousands of used titles he’s been

“Last year, I had over 25 people waiting in line when I opened and four guys spent the night to make sure they got the titles they wanted,” Castleberry said. “I think RSD has become a holiday of sorts for music and record people. I’m excited to see how the Dayton area treats two stores celebrating RSD. I’m opening early to give Dayton area folks the chance to be one of the first people in the country to get their hands on these limited-edition titles. I hope that folks will start the day off at Toxic Beauty Records and then will travel to other record stores.”

With some different options and a wide variety of events and promotions available to customers, Record Store Day is truly a one-of-a-kind event for record buyers. Although nearly 200 titles will be available through this special event, supplies are extremely limited and stores may not carry all available titles. As Castleberry concluded, “The beauty of RSD is every store celebrates differently, so hitting many stores can sort of be like a scavenger hunt.”

National Record Store Day will be celebrated on Saturday, April 16. Toxic Beauty Records will open at 9 a.m. with music from Mercury Mouth and Wheels. Omega Records will open at 10 a.m. with  live music running from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information about Record Store Day and a complete list of exclusive releases, visit

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