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William the Accountant returns to Dayton

 By Zach Rogers


Photo: William the Accountant plays Blind Bob’s on Jan. 10; photo: Illume Photography and Design

“An honest name, an honest job.”

With that, William the Accountant set off to make music that combines a multitude of different genres. From rock, funk and jazz to ska, alternative and new wave, the band does anything but stick to one type of music. Formed in 2009, William the Accountant hails from Columbus, but over the years they’ve managed to make a name for themselves across Ohio. On Friday, Jan. 10, the band will play at Blind Bob’s in Dayton, bringing their funky-fresh melodies back to the Oregon District after playing Dayton Music Fest 2013 in October.

The band – guitarist/vocalist Kevin Luce, guitarist Zach Tamplin, bassist Kevin Bednar, alto saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Hahn and drummer Ted Bigham – is known for incorporating a wide range of obscure instruments into their sound, including a baritone guitar, a cavaquinho and a didgeridoo. Dayton City Paper caught up with Kevin Luce before their stop in Dayton, where he answered a few questions related to pretty much everything but accounting.

First off, tell me about the history of the band. How did everyone meet? 

The roots of the group spring from both Columbus and Springfield. Andrew Hahn and I are both from Columbus and met at Wittenberg University. While playing at Un Mundo Café in Springfield, we met Zach Tamplin and instantly became friends. I’ve known Kevin Bednar since high school, and we scooped up Ted Bigham last month. -Kevin Luce

Your sound blends together of bunch of different styles. How would you describe your sound?

We really love samba and New Orleans second line, but at the heart is a solid foundation in late ’70s new wave. Lately, we’ve added some sampling and analog synths, so you might call us new rave. Or punk-hop. Or call us over-analytical … but, it’s what we love to do. -KL

Individually, what kinds of musical backgrounds does everyone in the group come from?

Everyone has come from another band at some point. Kevin [Bednar] ran in the grunge scene in New York City for a while, and Ted [Bigham] just finished playing with the mathematical indie group Karate Coyote. Zach [Tamplin] used to play metal, and in some ways he still does. Andrew [Hahn] and I were in a cultural-funk outfit for some time before it eventually grew into William the Accountant. -KL

What would you say is a focal point for the band? As a group, what are you trying to do? 

The goal is to reach beyond the stage. There are so many great bands out there and we’ve all been moved by great performances, but once in a while you’ll stumble upon something that’s truly inclusive. It’s the feeling you’re not only witnessing a great performance, but you’re a part of it, too. Our goal is to give. That’s why the band isn’t named after us. It’s named after you. The music isn’t for us. We’re trying to incite an experience that calls to all those who wish to participate. -KL

The band released the album Strophes last year. What can you tell me about the album and the recording process?

We recorded in Columbus at Relay Recording with the sometimes-bearded Jon Fintel. It took about two years to make. We’d play a show and head back into the studio. We’d sell a shirt or two and head back into the studio. We’d donate some plasma and then head back into the studio. The album was literally paid for in blood. -KL

What kind of new music has the band been working on since Strophes? Are you planning to release a follow-up anytime soon?

The goal is to start recording again sometime this spring. The assembly line is moving and there are a lot of ideas ready to be pieced together. A few ideas are already assembled, and we’re hoping to have some stuff ready for the show at Blind Bob’s. We can’t make any promises though. We can make some promises, but not that one. -KL

After the band’s stop in Dayton, what’s the tour schedule like for the rest of 2014?

Columbus, Athens, Louisville, Nashville, Detroit, D.C. and then back to Dayton. On Saturday, April 12 we’re throwing our Second Annual “Back Tax Music Festival” in Columbus. We’ll release more information on that show later this month. -KL

You recently played Dayton Music Fest 2013. What was that experience like?

We’d been as fans before, so to be invited to play was an absolute honor. Don Thrasher and Kyle Melton put on an incredible weekend. We played The Trolley Stop for the first time to a packed and riotous house. Dayton has fully embraced us and we couldn’t be more thankful. So, thank you. -KL

Besides shows, what other plans does the band have lined up for 2014?

Recording this spring, the “Back Tax Music Fest” and playing the Gem City again and again. -KL


William the Accountant will perform on Friday, Jan. 10 at Blind Bob’s, 430 E. Fifth St. Also on the bill are The 1984 Draft and To No End. Admission is $5 for 21 & up. Doors at 9 p.m. For more information, please visit


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