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By Emily McDermott

Rebecca Thompson, a Centerville local, and Garret Buehler from Mechanicsville

Rebecca Thompson, a Centerville local, and Garret Buehler from Mechanicsville

Despite the humidity and blistering sun, there are ways to dress fashionably in the summer without dying of heat exhaustion. Many people took advantage of the opportunity to display their summer style at the Yellow Springs Street Fair in June; from octogenarian hippies to adorable 3-year-old twins in matching sundresses, every sort of style was on display.

But dressing for the summer does not mean simply throwing on your cutest maxi dress and calling it an outfit. To complete a look, pair your dress with a hat, necklace or statement-making earrings. A bright shoulder or cross-body bag is a trend that has leapt from the runways onto the streets. Easy summer accessories can transform your outfit from being cute to fashionable. 
For men, a typical shorts and T-shirt outfit can be enhanced by swapping the T-shirt for a lightweight collared shirt, wearing a pair of shoes other than tennis shoes, Reef flip-flops or loafers with socks, or by adding accessories such as fedoras and sunglasses. Men can be fashion icons too, you know. Even in the great state of Ohio.

Two attendees of the Street Fair, Rebecca Thompson, a Centerville local, and Garret Buehler from Mechanicsville, stood out from the crowd of thousands with their attention to detail and sense of style. Tuning out the noisy streets surrounding us, we spoke about their inspiration and how they fashion themselves.

What is your favorite place to shop?
“Probably vintage stores like one in Kent called Einstein’s Attic … I also love Valley Thrift.” [Thompson]

How much time do you spend getting ready?
“Anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the rush I’m in.” [Thompson]
It varies day to day, but “usually not very long.” [Buehler]

Who is your style icon and where do you find inspiration?
Buehler has no style icon, but he finds his inspiration “from looking at other people and interpreting their styles in [his] own way.”

How would you define your style?
“Eclectic. I like a little bit of everything.” [Thompson]
“It’s just me. I wear whatever I feel like wearing.” [Buehler]

What is part of your signature look?
“Typically skinny jeans and knee-high boots.” [Thompson]
“Well lately it’s been my beard!” [Buehler]

What is your favorite accessory or comeback trend for the summer?
“I’m going to go with tassel necklaces. I have tons of them that I get at antique shows and they’re finally coming back so I feel like I can wear them.” [Thompson]

When it comes to fashion, what do you spend most of your money on?
“Shoes and jewelry,” which are certainly two things worth investment. [Thompson]
“I would have to say shirts.” [Buehler]

What is one piece that you couldn’t live without?
“I couldn’t live without my pair of Nine West, dark brown, over the knee suede boots.” [Thompson]

If money was no concern, what is one piece you would buy in a heartbeat?
“A fur coat — I love them!” [Thompson]
After a few moments of pondering, he said that he would buy himself a nice watch. [Buehler]

By adding a sunhat adorned with a peacock feather that coordinated with her peacock patterned maxi dress, Thompson stood out from the crowd, while Buehler’s dock shoes, cut off shorts and button-up shirt created a unique juxtaposition of preppy and hipster. Thompson and Buehler both know how to take a plain, summer outfit and turn it into something that catches the eye.
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