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Street Seen

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By Emma Jarman

Elise Yaskoff

Dayton may not have mega-malls a la Easton Towne Center in Columbus or any local, juiced-up outlet malls like the ones that line I-75 on the way to Cincinnati, but we do have the Greene, the Mall at Fairfield Commons, amazing consignment shops and various other locally-owned and operated boutiques throughout the region. And of course, we have Internet access, which grants us entrance to every look, style and trend the world has to offer.
For those of you who like to see some alternative style and want to do it while enjoying a tasty sandwich and a Jones Soda or browsing local, original artwork in towering window displays, the Oregon District is the place to do it. Crawling with local hipsters, foodies and the occasional businessman with particularly exotic fantasies, the shopping row on Fifth Street in Dayton’s Historic Oregon District is a sanctuary for the nontraditional when it comes to fashion and
We bumped into Elise Yaskoff here in the Oregon District and sat beneath the shade of what felt like an oak tree with the sound of lazy traffic idling behind us and got to talking about her kicks.
What’s your favorite place to shop?
“I was just headed to Feathers because I saw a beautiful, creamy, lace dress in the window.”
As far as downtown shopping, Elise likes to go to Goodwill and other consignment shops in the area. “Yellow Springs has a lot.”
How much time did you spend getting ready this morning?
This morning, half an hour. “Usually I just end up throwing something on and heading out the door. I just dyed my hair pink [last night], so I had to put some work into it today.”
She dyed her hair pink to scratch an itch she had for change that has been itching for a long time.

Who’s your style icon?
“I’m really into Nikki Minaj right now even though I don’t really know how to embody that in real life. She’s who I’ve been checking out online and stuff.”

How would you describe your style?
“I guess funky. I definitely like to try to have some neutrals with pops of color and interesting cuts or shapes and things that are flattering. I like to try to work with my shape.”
How would you describe the “style” of the Oregon District?
“[Oregon District style], you could say, is hipster, grunge. I fit into it. Let’s see, I have the gauged ears and slightly shaven head.”
Elise said she sees the Oregon District as being a “little pocket” of isolated fashion that isn’t typical for the rest of the city or surrounding areas.
“At Sinclair I’ve noticed there’s a lot of cool fashion stuff going on. There’s a lot of color and haircuts. And the shoes some of these girls wear! They’re off the chain.”
What’s one element of your own style that stays pretty consistent?
“Accessorizing. I really like bracelets.”
What’s your favorite trend right now?
“… right now, would definitely be color. There’s a lot of awesome color like these electric peaches and mints. And now it’s cool to wear them.”

What’s your favorite “comeback” trend?
“I’m really appreciating the corsets and bustiers and cinched waists. A high-waisted pant is really exciting for someone like me with no hips. It eliminates the muffin-top! I REALLY like the high-waisted pants.”

What do you spend your money on when it comes to fashion?
“Most of the things that I buy, I try to buy secondhand. I guess the most I spend money on is shoes because I like good shoes.”
Elise loves boots. Any kind of boots, she said, including platforms, high heels, wedges and combat. “That’s mostly what I have right now,” she said.

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